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Types of Teachers You Hate


When I sat down for writing on it, I thought no one knows better about it than me. Then I talked to people and found out everyone feels like that pretty much the same way. Hence, no introduction required, let’s go straight to the point.

  • A strict teacher:
    This is the first type we hate as kids, probably. He is often characterized by messy hair and thick spectacles in junior classes, then a stick in hand and later freshly ironed clothes. He will not let us talk or turn around or borrow a pen. He does not tolerate forgetting the textbook, let alone homework.
  • The boring one:
    One kind of them may be the new ones who changes his way of teaching and approaching all the time and the other kind is just a regular one who probably gave up on flickering with his ways when he was new. Either way whatever he says – puts you to sleep. Sometimes they try way too hard to make you understand and ends up gathering all the hatred from you.
  • The ‘friendly’ one:
    There are a few categories or levels in which we find these ‘funny’ teachers. His class is full of his jokes which only he and his ‘pets’ find funny. At next step, his puns will include below the belt comments. And then some of them even make an effort to hang out with you which really hampers with your privacy. The worst part of it is that your other friends do not get it and think he is ‘cool’.
  • The narcissist one:
    He thinks he is the Einstein/Shakespeare of his place. He is all about ‘I am..’, ‘I did..’, ‘unlike others, I..’, etc. It is extremely irritating to listen to him speaking lowly about others. He is the one whom we all love to hate together over a cup of coffee.
  • The nursery one:
    This kind mostly comprises of female ones. She uses a ‘musical’ tone. She gives, takes and evaluates homework regularly and gives you timeout if you do not ‘behave’. But admit it, she’s the one you mimic and make fun of the most. She is then not that bad; after all, she gives you a good after time.
  • The page counter:
    As evident as it is, he hardly cares what you acquire in his class or what you recreate in your exam paper. All he does is measure the quantity you write and just puts a number down in a corner of your answer sheet.
  • The biased one:

    As the title suggests, this teacher will always be biased like favoring the students from his/her own community or language or religion, the top ranking students, the students who lick their a**es, etc. I have had a teacher who used to live in my neighborhood and hence, would mark us higher. She even would try to help her daughter, studying in the same school, write the exam – to an extent, where if she did not know an answer, she would ask some other student and then tell her.
  • The ‘perfect’ one:
    This one is a little creepy. He is a good teacher. Everyone likes him; so do you – until, you find out that for some reason, which you cannot figure out, he hates you. And then the feeling becomes mutual.

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