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Ulo: An Interactive Owl-Shaped Security Camera!


We have so many things to worry about in our life especially when it comes to our children, our office, and our home security. Especially when both the parents of a family are working people, it is very important to care for the child simultaneously because the upbringing of the child is the most difficult task that parents can only handle. If you have a maid in your house, then it becomes extremely important for you to watch on her and keep a check to be sure she is looking after your house and child properly or not.

In a country like India which is hit by robbery multiple times a day, everyone lives in the fear of robbery. So, what to do if one has to watch over her house and work simultaneously? Of course, one cannot remain present at two places at once. But here is the solution to all your worries. Now you can easily go out of the house without worrying about your children and home by relying completely on a security camera, Ulo.

Ulo is a security gadget invented by Vivien Muller, and the camera resembles an owl. It is a special device, unlike any other security camera because it communicates through its eyes. It has special characteristics which are mentioned below:

  • Battery Life – It has a long battery life. You can use it for one week without charging once it has been charged fully.
  • Easy to Use – One does not require technical knowledge to set it up and use it. You can easily use it used with the help of sensors. A single tap is used to switch it ON, while a Double tap on its head can lead to activation of alert mode.
  • Live Video – It also has a special characteristic, the live video. One can see the live video of their house or office through this camera.
  • Fast Photographs – It is very easy to take photographs, once it blinks its eye, a photo is captured.
  • Storage capacity- Once Ulo’s alert mode is activated, you can record the things and the recorded videos will be sent to you via e-mail to your smart phones.
  • Smart phone regulation – It can be regulated with smart phones.
  • One time investment – It is a one-time investment. Once you buy it, you need not invest in other items such as a battery and recorder. It can be charged through electricity which will also cost less because of its long battery power.
  • Compatibility – It is easily compatible. In this sense, it can be easily connected to any device having an internet connection and can also be accessed at any web page.
  • Orientation – It has flexible orientation. We can keep it either on a table or hang it on the wall plus, it is stylish and looks like a showpiece so, no one will doubt it to be a security camera.
  • Sensors – You need not worry about its charging. When it needs charging, it will communicate with you by showing tiredness through its eyes.

These characteristics of Ulo will definitely help you look after your children, parents, your house, and your office when you are not around, and it will also give a stylish touch to your home. Once you buy it, you will surely recommend it to your family, friends and relatives because of its ease and efficiency. Since it is new in the market and has not been launched yet so it will be quite expensive. So go and book it at a lesser rate to avoid further tensions of your beloved ones.


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