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USA Set For Online Bingo Boom

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As online gambling restrictions in the USA begin to lift in some states, online bingo is one sector which could well be set for a considerable impact in the country in the same way that it has exploded in the UK in recent years.


Unknown to many people, bingo was once actually more popular in the USA than the UK. As the story goes, this was down to a man called Edwin Lowe, who was originally a toymaker, but who became fascinated by this when he came across a group playing what was called ‘Beano’ while he was in Atlanta, Georgia on business.

When he returned to New York, Lowe organised a game with friends, one of whom became so excited at winning, he accidentally called out ‘Bingo’. Just so there is no confusion about the game as we know it today though, you can check out this handy guide from Bingosites.com to refresh your skills on how to play bingo.


From there, the game was really born and Lowe went into production, printing bingo cards that were offered as 24 card sets, while there would go onto 6,000 different combinations.

Why online bingo could be popular in the USA

Following the mass popularisation of the traditional bingo game in America, thanks to Lowe, with this being 75-ball bingo which is not as popular in the UK, there is some curiosity about whether online bingo could reach the same heights as its predecessor.


In the UK and Europe, the most popular form of online bingo is 90 ball bingo – this is played extensively and features on virtually every bingo site in various forms. It would be interesting to see if this would be popular in the USA, based on the fact that the people were so used to 75 ball bingo. 


While bingo halls are still popular across some parts of the USA where gambling is allowed, with Pennsylvania being one state in particular, it could well be these states which start to allow online bingo, with online casinos already proving to be a hit.


There is no doubt that there is a market, especially in states that already allow online gambling, while there is definitely scope for other states to relax their gambling laws. This could well be true in the case of bingo, because there is some debate as to what extent, playing online bingo actually is ‘gambling’ and as a result, this presents somewhat of a grey area.


The vast majority of those who gamble in the USA appear to like games of luck. In Las Vegas for example, the game of roulette is one of the most played on the strip and bingo (online in particular) has a similar element to it. This means that it has every chance of appealing to this target market and the beauty of online bingo is that it can yield results just as quickly as any other gambling activity depending on the style of game.

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