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6 Useful DIYs For The Techie In You


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Nothing beats doing a DIY project. Nothing. It doesn’t matter if you dedicate your entire weekend to it or spontaneously build something. The only thing that matters is the creativity and art that comes along with it. You could have bought something, but you chose to make it instead. From tinkering with Raspberry Pi microcontrollers and Arduino to automating our homes, to coming up with cool renewable energy projects, we can’t stay away from doing a good gadget project.

Here’s a list of 6 Useful DIYs For The Techie In You.

1. Boost your WiFi

A WiFi signal merely uses radio waves to transmit information. The wireless router acts as a mini radio station, which receives data from the internet via your broadband connection and converts the information into a radio signal and broadcasts these signals. The reason the WiFi signal is weaker in more distant parts of the house is because the signal is affected by both the distance and by the obstacles, especially walls and appliances.

All that you need to boost your Wi-Fi are scissors or a knife and empty beer or soda cans, depending on the number of antennas on your router. According to KipKay, his WiFi signal strength quickly tripled on the other side of the house with the beer can WiFi booster.

2. Solar Powered AC Unit

Why rely on the conventional AC Unit and burn a hole in your pocket this summer when you could make your own Solar Powered AC Unit. All you need is any old cooler, a PVC elbow tube, and a small fan that can connect to a solar power source. Then comes the temperature source, which is just an enormous tray of solid ice. Once you power up the fan, you will notice icy air starting to shoot out of the PVC tube giving you your homemade air conditioning unit.

3. Cleaning Slime

It is very common for dirt to build up in the cracks of the keyboard. Since the space between each key is so small, it ‘s hard to remove the dust that accumulates in the gap. High-pressure air spray is an option to clean it up but doesn’t work as well as this awesome cleaning slime in the video below, which leaves no residue. You can also use it to clean the nooks and corners of your house.

4. Glowing Table

The glow-in-the-dark home decor is not just limited to the stars on your bedroom ceiling. This latest tutorial gives instructions on making a table with glow-in-the-dark resin infill and photoluminescent pigment powder at the comfort of your home. The final result is a piece of rustic furniture with a red embedded pattern based on the unevenness of the wood that dazzles after sundown.

5. Stove using Concrete Bricks

If you are a person who loves to go camping often and regularly find yourself in desperate need of a stove but have no access to gas or electricity, you will love this idea. Youtube channel user, desertsun02 recorded an impressive video on how to make your rocket stove using only four concrete blocks! The idea is very straightforward, and you can recycle old cement blocks to make it – they are quite easy to find as they are often available from construction scraps, or you can just buy them. Just grab four concrete blocks, some sticks and twigs and in no time, you’ll have a commercial stove to cook without gas or electricity.

6. Wind-Powered Cellphone Charger

A 16-year-old boy from Poland has created a device that uses wind energy produced by travelling in a cycle to generate the power required to charge a cell phone. This simple and ingenious device that anyone with basic electronics knowledge can put together lets you save energy and money, using your bike trip to charge your Smartphone, tablet or camera. The simple step-by-step instruction has been shared on his Instructables page: http://www.instructables.com/id/5-Bicycle-Cell-Phone-Charger-Wind-Turbine-with-bui/

If you’re lying around at home and bored, try out these simple yet intriguing DIYs to satisfy the techie in you.

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