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Using Exam Dumps for Passing Microsoft 70-741 Exam and Gaining New Career Opportunities

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The sphere of IT is constantly advancing and this is probably the moment where latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) will finally come into play and their impacts will be felt across many industries. 

With these changes, the earlier the traditional workers will be willing to upskill and expand their capabilities, the easier it will be to accelerate their careers. If you are also the one seeking flexibility or the way to amplify your skills, IT certifications are a great option that can lead you to the path of your choice. 

In the next paragraphs, the details of the Microsoft 70-741 exam will be discussed. In addition, we will suggest a few helpful preparation resources and will observe some well-paying positions you can fill soon after attaining your badge.

Exam Overview: Microsoft 70-741 

Click Here for Exam-Labs Now. Microsoft 70-741 lies in between exams 70-740 and 70-742 and is one of the tests for the associate certification in Windows Server 2016. It is intended to check the candidates’ understanding of the concepts which they need to perform well at their workplace. Its topics relate to networking hence the name of the assessment is Networking with Windows Server 2016.

70-741 Exam Facts

To complete your 70-741 exam, you need to attempt a total of 40-60 questions within 120 minutes. It is available in different languages to enable candidates to choose one based on their fluency and personal interest. And remember that the full exam cost of $165 is required for every try. You can take Microsoft Tests to practice.  

Microsoft is not known to provide the exact detail of their assessments but at least you can get familiar with the probable questions formats which are multiple-choice, short answer, case studies, drag and drop, review screen, fill-in-the-blank, and active screen among the rest. Also, you are able to explore the required topics, so let’s see what are they.

Topics Addressed

The Microsoft70-741 exam addresses important objectives, all of which are related to Windows Server 2016. These themes include implementation of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM and working with Advanced Network Infrastructure. Also, the candidate should be familiar with Network Connectivity concepts, Remote Access as well as Disturbed and Core Network Solutions.

Preferred Candidates

Candidates for 70-741 exam are IT specialists who perform different networking tasks relating to Windows Server 2016. They are expected to understand not only the mentioned topics but also be knowledgeable about radius and VPN, management of branch cache solutions and DFS, implementation of Software Defined Networking(SDN)solutions, and the configuration of highly efficient network features and functionality.

Job Opportunities with MCSA: Windows Server 2016

Getting your certification in windows Server 2016 portrays your skills and ability to work with its different tools to achieve the set business objectives. In addition to increasing your productivity at the workplace, this Microsoft credential also sets you up for ambitious roles on the employment front. These include computer systems administrator and computer network specialist jobs.

  • Computer Systems Administrators

Systems administrators provide technical support that’s necessary for the proper functioning of computer systems. In a nutshell, these individuals oversee the everyday operations of computer systems to ascertain that everything’s working smoothly. It involves the installation and management of various devices, networks, servers, and security systems among others as well as maintaining all the IT infrastructure of the company. At this position, the average salary is $61k annually according to www.payscale.com.

  • Computer NetworkSpecialist

Your role as a network specialist will revolve around the provision of technical support and training to IT departments with regard to computer usage and management of applications. These are done on LANs and WANs.In many companies, these specialists are trusted with different tasks that also include offering solutions to common computer software and hardware failures. As it’s stated in Payscale.com latest research, such professionals can earn up to $85k per year.

Official Training Materials for Microsoft 70-741 Exam

Vendor-provided training options are your best bet when preparing for your 70-741 exam. To begin with, you can take20741A course through Microsoft’s instructor-led learning platform to help sharpen your technical skills. Another important resource here is the official practice test for the Microsoft 70-741 exam. It will help to measure your level of preparedness and ability to take a certification exam.

Other important study materials you may want to use include online training, which exposes you to basic networking concepts, and books, specifically, the Exam Ref 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016 that offers step-by-step coverage of the exam topics to give your training journey a huge boost.

Practice with Exam Dumps

Even with all the mentioned study resources, it can be difficult to pass a certification exam if you don’t know how it will look like. And that’s why exam dumps are designed. The results you get from mock tests mirror your true potential in the real exam. 

Exam dumps are the sets of questions and answers which will help you highlight your weakness in a given knowledge area. Then, it’s important to spend more time covering these concepts and ready yourself for the test the right way. Still, to prepare effectively, you need to train only with reliable materials like the ones from Exam-labs.com. This website provides useful prep materials for certification exams that have a high success rate and are always updated.

Their resources are available for everyone because Exam-labs offers free ete files with the most valid and updated questions and answers. Also, you can get a Premium Bundle for 70-741 that’s available at $59.99. To open these files, you should use the ETE Exam Simulator which will allow you to practice in the near-real exam environment with a lot of questions, strict timing, and score reports.


If your priority is to obtain the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2016, all you need to do is to pass the required exams including Microsoft 70-741. Intense preparation using quality resources like Microsoft training and exam dumps will enrich your knowledge as you work towards your future career path. Start your studies now and soon you’ll be a demanded certified professional with the latest knowledge and skills which will lead you to lucrative positions and recognition in companies worldwide.

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