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Vidya Balan’s Traditional Outlook


Vidya Balan is well known as one of the most modest and simple Bollywood personality. Despite having a modern outlook and personality, she never lost touch with her Indian culture. She never hesitates in showcasing her true Indian character and pride of being an Indian. She yet bears the traditional trends. It is a very noble thing. All the Indians respect her for that. Everyday, her fan followers, throughout the nation post various comments on social networking sites, appreciating her true Indian spirit and modesty.


Whether clothes or jewellery or any accessories, Vidya Balan has a strong affinity towards traditional outfits. Her taste is entirely traditional and Indian. She prefers wearing designer sarees with designer jewellery, rather than western outfits and jewellery. In one of the interviews, she confessed that she was once extremely fond of five rupees earings. Even during special events like award functions or special occasions, marriages, birthday parties, etc.Bolywood, she is always found wearing traditional apparel and ornaments.

She even wears those five rupees earings when she feels that there is no need to dress up much or when she meets her parents. She does not care if people comment on her sober apparels. She loves to be simple rather than being a stylish personality. She is a huge fan of Rekha Ganesan, one of the famous Bollywood actresses of her time. She admits openly that she wants to resemble Rekha Ganesan and become a mirror-image of Rekha. She wants to be a humble Bollywood like Rekha. Many of Vidya’s fan followers agree to the fact that not just her outfits, but also her personality, resembles to that of Rekha Ganesan. Hats off to such a true fan follower.

According to Vidya Balan, a lady is considered as the most beautiful woman, when she showcases her huge innocent smile and does not hesitate in highlighting and appreciating her Indian culture and traditions, after all an innocent and decent smile can win a million hearts. We really respect and appreciate Vidya Balan’s true spirit and love towards her culture, traditions and her country, India.

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