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Poetry: Virtuous Vice

By Marjan Apostolovic/ Shutterstock

“We don’t choose whom we love. It just happens. It’s beyond our control.” When Jaime Lannister falters saying these words in Game of Thrones, we can totally feel him voicing our situations. We often fall in love with the most unexpected people in the most unexpected situations. No matter how strong a wall we managed to build around ourselves, sometimes all it takes is just a smile to shatter every one of our bricks. We resist the intrusion in our perfectly balanced lives, but love spares no one. And when we finally give in, we realize how wrong our definition of perfection was all along.

By Marjan Apostolovic/ Shutterstock

It is a short poem describing how love carves its way easily into our lives despite all the resistance we can offer and opens the door to a surreal world altogether.

A gesture so pure,
And an expression divine,
The spirit in awe,
Of something so benign.

Bright as the sun,
Bold as the day,
With an undaunted will,
It carved its way.

Through the body,
Into the soul,
The resistance for change,
Screamed- “It’s foul.”

But the mystic charm,
Refuses to yield,
Intoxicating the quintessence,
It penetrates the shield.

Enslaved is the spirit,
Hypnotized for eternity,
Aware of its bondage,
Yet disinclined to break free.

Confrontation with desires,
Transforming into needs,
And the charm grows stronger.
Widespread as weeds.

Gone is the chastity,
Under the spell,
The master so virtuous,
Yet it did compel.

The vices subdued,
Have now resurfaced,
But somehow it’s gratifying,
The void it has effaced.

And thus I surrender,
As you innocently beguile,
Pledging my servitude,
To the ministrations of your smile…


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