Ways to Become More Comfortable With Technology in Your Classroom

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These days, along with everything else that classroom teachers and trainees need to familiarise themselves with, they also need to come to terms with the increased use of technology in classrooms. It is not uncommon to see  how well is technology would fit into a classroom. There is now so much technology out there that it can be difficult to know where to start.

According to https://www.progressiveautomations.com, classroom technology is not something to get scared of – there is a lot, but it can be sifted through and scrutinised like any other type of technology out. The trick is not to get too bogged down in trying to get everything that you possibly can for your classroom, but instead to focus on what you want, and what you need for your lessons. Technology should enhance learning and promote teaching – it should be used to substitute for either of those things. Technology is something which means different things to different people, and teachers may have different needs when it comes to their own classroom.

Ways to Become More Comfortable With Technology in Your Classroom 1

Start Small

This type of technology is best taken in small doses – find out what you want, and then find out how to incorporate it in small doses, such as an App or a website or two, rather than running off to put in an order for mass produced Kindles. Apps and websites have the advantage of many of them being free as well, so you can become accustomed to their presence without any great outlay of money. One way of doing this starting a classroom blog – not only are many blogging platforms free as well, but they can also function as both individual and group study programmes, since they allow for participation in so many different ways. People can read and write the blogs which are made every day, and also leave comments. Blogs can be very effective teaching tools if used correctly.

Test it Out

Any technology takes time to master – classroom technology is no different. Before you introduce something into the classroom, take the time to familiarise yourself with it before you need to use it in the class. This is particularly important if you are going to be showing someone else how to use it, or directly using the software to give a lesson. Knowing how to use it yourself is necessary in these cases. Just as you shouldn’t try and get every piece of technology possible all at once, don’t try and familiarise yourself with them all at once either. Choose one or two a week depending on how they are going to be used in your lessons, and take the time to get to know them inside and out, whether it is a YouTube video or a linear actuator powered TV lift that is being used.

Ways to Become More Comfortable With Technology in Your Classroom 2

Get Support

Technology can be complicated when we first come across it, there is no denying that fact. A classroom which is filled with technology that nobody can use is no help to anybody, so if you are struggling to understand how to use something, or how to integrate it into your teaching, get some help! From other people in the school to online forums, there will be someone available to help you.

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