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Ways to Be Different From the Normal Crowd


The other day, I was watching movies of the X-men series. In each movie, there is at least one scene in which the mutants are confused because they did not fit into society. That got me wondering. Don’t we all wish to be different (not like-mutants-different) from others? Well, I used to. Then I realized that I am different from the rest of the universe. The process of standing out from the rest of the crowd is not that hard or time-consuming. Start small. Here are a few ways:

  • Have confidence in yourself.

Love yourself. What makes you so unique from the others? The clothes that are on you and the makeup that you wear are not what makes you confident. It is the proud feeling that you have about yourself that does it for you. Believe that you are one of a kind. Because YOU ARE.

  • The one thing to note, if you really want to be different, is to not care about the opinions others have of you. Once people around you notice that there is something different about you, you suddenly become the talk of the town, the center of attention and gossip, and what else. All I can think of asking you to do is to pretend that you haven’t noticed. Because if you do, your life will gradually begin to orbit around what others ask and expect from you. Then what exactly is the point of being different?
  • Think different.

This is a common statement being thrown around by people. While tackling a situation, think what others would do. Think what you would do differently from others. Think of what you can do to achieve better. Every day we come across people who say, “Think differently”, “Do something out of the box”, and so on. Sometimes you might have said all this. But do you practice what you preach? I think you should.

  • Be creative.

Creativity is something that represent your skills to be different. Use your imagination and think of all the things you can do. You could spray paint your walls. You could transform waste materials into something beautiful. Instead of buying, you could make things yourself. Awaken the artist in you.

  • Express your views and opinions.

Let others note that you are not DUMB. Sometimes it may look as though your opinion is not needed. Your opinion is not WASTE. Your judgement counts. Expressing what is in your mind makes you independent.

  • Act different.

Make a difference in everything you do. You don’t have to do anything big at first. Sometimes all you have to do is be a little polite. Because a ‘thank you’ or a ‘sorry’ can make all the difference.

  • Do what normally others wouldn’t do.

I won’t say that you should start walking on your hands because the rest of the world uses their legs. Start small. You could go green. You could go to school or college using public transportation services rather than relying on the comfy of your or your dad’s vehicle. Or volunteer at an orphanage. You can think of doing anything. The sky is the limit.

  • Help others.

You could assist your friend in need, you could help your sibling with his or her homework, you could help an elderly person with their grocery- the list goes on endlessly. There are people who do charity work and community service for publicity. Though helping people is something very noble, you wouldn’t want to exhibit it in your resume. Because, helping is an act that makes you content in heart and make the ones you helped happy for you. And that’s all you need.

  • All of us have a bucket list of wishes, don’t we? Try accomplishing all the things you want to do in life. Seek out adventures. Travel alone. Be a rebel. Again, the list goes on and on. If you don’t have a bucket list yet, make one. Put a deadline of five years to the list. By then, you might want to make a new list.
  • Try learning new stuff.

Someone important once said that the world is the school. Education never stops. Keep learning new stuff till you see blue. I want to learn French and master skateboarding. But I’ll probably end up flattening my butt painfully.  

  • Style yourself differently.

You don’t have to follow the style from that new movie you saw the other day. Because those style options may not be as comfortable as it looks. Be a trendsetter. Who said only Alia Bhatt can make style statements?   

  • Smile.

You don’t need to have a photogenic face to look presentable. All you need is a natural smile pasted on your face. Haven’t you heard the saying, “A smile can lighten up a dark room”? Sometimes your smile is all that is needed to brighten up someone else’s day. Also, it would make you happy.

  • I have seen tattoos on people (I don’t mean Russell Brand or Katy Perry) that say “Go with the flow”. Sometimes it is easy that way. But I say, swim against the current. You know you will get out alive if you go with the flow. What difference does it make and what is the fun in that? You already know the script of your life. Take chances. Have dreams of your own. And someday you can say that you survived because you swam in the opposite direction.  
  • Let the world know the real you.

    Don’t hide away behind the curtains. The caption of an online fashion store says, “Be you”. People don’t say that for no reason. Being yourself makes all the difference. Because you are the mirror of what the world can be.  

Stay away from the crowd. Though it is a bit risky, in the long run, you can say Robert Frost’s final lines of ‘Road Not Taken’:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference”. Period.

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