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11 Ways to Know That You Are in Love

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first, I thought we would be friends.
A little did we know, and our friendship would bend
To love, that’s so big for the world to see
that you and I are meant to be.

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Love is Beautiful Emotion. Love is an emotion that is built up with a lot of other emotions. It’s affection, attachments, attractions, and compassion.

Love can never be one-sided as it’s a selfless Give and Take Emotion. When you are in love, you do things for the person you love without thinking about yourself.  We sing about it, write about it and watch movies about it, but falling in love is crazy when you think about it. Being in Love with someone is the best feeling in the world.

Below are the 11 ways to know that you are in love. Believe me, while reading the list, there will be a constant smile on your face.

  • When You want to see them Everyday

You can’t live without them. You love this feeling of being with them so much that you have this constant urge to meet them every day.


  • When they touch you, You Get Goosebumps.

You love it when suddenly they touch you while talking or they hold your hand while walking etc. you love that feeling <3


3.When You can do anything to make them smile

If they are smiling, you are smiling. You would do anything to make them smile, and when they smile, your whole world shines.


  • When thinking about them all the time

When you sleep or when you wake up, that one person is the only thought in your mind. You can’t take them out of your mind. EVER.


  • When you want to know every single detail about them

You want to know everything about them.401ecdff085ca4a3abed4195b1fdcc0a

  • When you feel jealous if you see someone close to them

Jealousy is one way you can easily tell that you are in love with that person. You want them to talk to you and you alone.


  • When They compliment you and You Blush

When everyone compliments you, you are like, “ okay, thank you”, but when that person compliments you, it makes you so happy that you can’t even describe

  • When you imagine spending your life with them 

You can see your future with them. You want to grow old with them.


  • When You want to be a better person for them

You will start becoming a better person than you were. You will see the changes in you.


  • When you can’t wait to share your good news with them

You want to share everything with them. You want them to be there with you in your good time and the bad ones too.


  • When you have this intuition that ‘they are the one.’

Intuitions play a big role. And your heart constantly tells you that they are the one who is meant to be with you forever.


While-Reading this, If someone came into your mind.. then my friend, you are in love <3 If you have someone like this in your life, Express it to them, let them know.

Celebrate Love.

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