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11 Ways Of Absolutely Looking Sexy!

Looking Sexy!
Pair your outfit with a hat or a heavy necklace or any kind of accessories to look different and mind-blowing!

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Who said fashion does not mean being comfortable? Well, I think if something makes you feel comfortable and happy, that is what fashion and style should mean to you. Everybody has their own sense of fashion. But that doesn’t mean one can forget the fact that the world is looking at you. Attempts to look sexy are something most of us do every day! Therefore, one could consider a few basic steps to look glamorous and hot without compromising one’s comfort.

There are a lot of hacks to make you look good!

Here is a list of 11 Ways of A absolutely Looking Sexy!

Here goes the list of looking sexy!

Simple jeans/pant and a tee is a great casual outfit that makes you look sexy when paired with some good makeup.
  1. Looking sexy does not always need to be the equivalent of wearing revealing clothes. Wear proper jeans or bottoms that fit you perfectly- neither tight nor loose. Preferably a slim fit. Wear a top that goes perfectly with your jeans. Maybe a top that ends just where your bottoms begin. If your top is plain and sober, wear a fancy belt and vice-versa.
  2. It is said that a person is first judged based on the footwear he wears, and then the rest of his clothing is examined. So, do not forget to match your outfit with a really cool pair of shoes. Here are a few common options –
  • Tee and jeans- Sneakers, shoes, flip-flops
  • Ethnic wear (Chudidhar, Salwar)- Fancy flip flops
  • Dresses (Maxi dresses also)- Stilettos, wedges
  • Fancy top and jeans- Wedges, Bellies, gladiators, heels
  • Palazzos – bellies, flip flops, wedges
Choose the footwear of your choice, comfort and also depending upon your outfit. (Heels are the best for all kinds of clothes)


  1. The hairstyle is another important feature of a perfect outfit. Sweeping your long beautiful hair to one side makes you look sexier and, of course, more beautiful. While some might not feel happy doing this, do not hesitate to try something else as well.

Most girls prefer leaving their hair open with some basic hairstyle (straightening, blow-dry); there are many more options to style your hair to match the outfit. So, why ignore that? For a casual outfit, a simple ponytail or a bun is a cool idea.
While for an auspicious occasion, one might want to style their hair in a fancy way to complete their look. Whatever is said and done, every girl looks beautiful with her hair left open. So, in case you lack time, a simple blow-dry is always a great idea!

1. Simple blow dry will match any outfit.
2. Fishtail braid. (Never out of fashion)
3. Most comfortable- bun. (Formal occasions)
4. Fancy bun for a party. (Doesn’t suit ethnic wear)
Look for DO IT YOURSELF videos and tutorials to learn to style your hair.
  1. Apart from just a good hairstyle, your hair also needs to look smooth, shiny, and silky. Use good conditioners depending on the texture of your hair. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week, depending on the work you do and the condition of your hair. Remember to keep it away from dandruff (dust mostly).
Wash your hair often. Could you keep it away from dandruff and dust?
Perfect hair is not a one-day task. So, you need to take proper care of your hair for it always to look fab. (Imagine having a sudden party, and your hair is always so perfect that you could leave it open without any worry because you are that confident about your hair.)
Doesn’t this lace dress attract you so much that you wish you could buy it right now?
Not just on the hanger, but such lace material dresses and tops will look sexier when worn.
  1. Wear a lacy top or dress. It is often observed that lacy tops and dresses or any lacy outfit make the person look sexier. But one should remember to wear an outfit they are comfortable in.
    Just looking sexy but not being comfortable is not the way it needs to roll! So if you are not comfortable in short lacy clothes, choose a lacy top; because laces never get old.
Choose lace tops of different patterns and colors.


  1. Basic make-up is a must, regardless of the occasion- casual, professional, or traditional. A little foundation and eye make-up will make you look attractive. Wash your face with a good face wash and use one of the market’s trusted cosmetic brands. Use a liner—either black or any color of your choice. Women with bigger eyes are found to be more attractive. That’s the answer to all the questions about eye make-up. So, play up your eyes!
A simple makeup kit will serve the purpose.

  1. It is also essential to smell good. Nobody likes to be with people who stink. Therefore, use a simple perfume. A subtle aroma that attracts the other person is what you should look for. Spray a little of it and not a huge amount. Too much of anything is too bad.

  1. If you are not very choosy about the color of your dress, wear RED. Women are known to look sexier in red. Be it a red saree or a red dress, and it is meant to heighten your beauty quotient. Why do you think Indian women are dressed in red saris at their weddings?

Deepika Padukone is always a bomb in every outfit. Try different and fashionable clothes and show them off!
  1. Avoid mainstream outfits and try something unique. Add an eye catchy accessory or a very different kind of print to your outfit. Please do not feel shy to experiment until you are sure you will carry it off with confidence.
Pair your outfit with a hat or a heavy necklace or any accessories to look different and mind-blowing!


  1. Do not hide your best features. Let them play the lead role. If you have a long and beautiful neck, do not wear too many necklaces or boat neck clothes. Pretty eyes do not need glasses. They need to be exposed. So, keep it natural. Keeping it natural is looking sexy! Do not depend too much on make-up products.


  1. Above all this, the most important aspect of looking sexy: to be sexy and comfortable in one’s own skin. One needs to be happy and sure about what she is wearing. Do not choose clothes or makeup only because it will make you look better. Be sure of carrying it away—no point in wearing heels if you can’t walk with them. You will ruin the show! So, be comfortable. Happiness is the key to beauty. Carry a smile, ALWAYS. Stay happy from the inside and be mature.

There are numerous ways and beauty tips that are tried each day. Living in this modern world where appearance is given importance, one might forget the fact that


Different is beautiful. And inner beauty is far more acknowledged and appreciated than outside beauty. Who would like a woman who looks like Cinderella but behaves like her step-sisters?

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