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Ways to Revamp your Wardrobe without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

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Are you one of those who do not use 50% of your wardrobe regularly, have trouble picking the right attire for the day, repeat your favourite ones very often, or your wardrobe no longer matches your personal style? If yes, then your wardrobe definitely needs a revamp.

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A perfect wardrobe ensures that you enjoy your dressing time without any stress. And to help you revamp your wardrobe, we have enlisted a few steps that will help you recreate a new one that will make your dressing sessions fun and exciting.  

Ditch old stuff to make space for new

Be it clothes, shoes, accessories or even torn boxes and tattered clothes organizers, we all have quite a few of these resting in our closet waiting to see the light of the day. Unless you have some emotional connection with these things, there’s no point in keeping them with you.

It is best to kick start by replacing these damaged boxes and tattered organizers, and donating or selling the useless shoes, clothes and accessories. Aim to recreate a closet that makes you feel great and matches your personality.

Repair and reuse

Repair and reuse is another great option to save you from new purchases along with some bucks. You can look for ways to repair and reuse your old stuff. Maybe you can get some clothes altered or get a pair of shoes fixed. Apart from saving your money, repair and reuse process also helps you to do your bit for a pollution-free environment.

Take stock of the stuff you already have

After getting rid of the old stuff and repairing the necessary ones, it is time for a quick wardrobe analysis. If required, again go through the existing items in your closet and rethink about every piece you own. You definitely do not want to waste your time and money purchasing similar stuff. Make a list of what’s missing and whether you really need it, before you rush to your favourite mall or check out stuff online.  

Identify the stuff that suits your lifestyle

Before embarking on your shopping journey, it is important that you understand your lifestyle. If you are not a partier there is no point in owning 10 or 15 party dresses. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time in the office, it wouldn’t be right to have just 3 or 4 office-appropriate clothing. You need clothing that not only pair up well but also match your lifestyle. Understand what activities take most of your time during the week. Checkout what rules your wardrobe. Are the clothes in your wardrobe suitable for activities that take most of your time? Or are you falling short? This will give you a clear idea of what you need to stock up or get rid of.   

Identifying your essentials

At this point of your wardrobe revamping spree, you probably know your closet thoroughly. After closet cleansing, bet what’s left in is the stuff you love to wear and wouldn’t like to part with. For example, stuff that suits you best and you feel most comfortable in. These are the pieces that lighten up your spirit and make you feel good. These are your essentials. Essentials can be anything like dresses, tops, blazers, coats, jumpsuits, jeans and so on. Identifying your essentials will also help you purchase new pieces without wasting money on things you really don’t need. So, go through the existing pieces in your closet and make a list of your essentials.  

Device your purchase plan

Now that you have identified your essentials, it is time to device your purchase plan. Jot down the stuff that you wish to purchase. This will save you from the unnecessary shopping temptations that resulted in your messy wardrobe. Aim to create a wardrobe that consists of a perfect amalgamation of basics, mid-range stuff and exquisite pieces.      

Shop during sale period and check out for deals

Sale and promotion periods are a great time to refill your wardrobe in the budget-friendly way. Online marketplaces like Zalora offer amazing sales with massive discounts from time to time. Another popular website, Lazada offers plenty of vouchers and coupons that can be used during checkout to avail discounts. These websites offer a plethora of fashion apparels, shoes and accessories for both, women and men.

Stick to your budget while purchasing

Sometimes, an overwhelming number of fashion pieces, especially online, can be confusing. Do not rush and fill your cart with every trendy piece that draws your attention. Purchase stuff that makes you feel and look good. Stick to your purchase plan and budget, and watch yourself build up a closet that perfectly suits your style, personality and day-to-day affairs.     

Revamping as per the tips given above will definitely breathe new life in your wardrobe, especially on a budget-friendly note.

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