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Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout

stay motivated to workout

Did the cold outside compel you to quit again? Are you sick of not being able to stick to your workout routines? Did your new year’s resolution fail? Worry not, for here we are to help you stay motivated to workout and not have anymore regrets about it henceforth!!


1. Stop making excuses

Indeed, it is of utmost importance. If you keep on excusing yourself on the account of it being cold outside or how tired you are, then things won’t work.

    “I need a break.”

    “ I am too tired.”

    “ My body hurts.”

    “ I don’t have any time.”

Such excuses should not be entertained.

If you want to fulfill your failed new year’s resolution, then whenever you tend to make excuses, immediately get into an active state. Your excuses won’t help you to attain a toned body. This in a way will get you motivated as the major provenance of demotivation would be alienated.

2. Get a workout partner

It would be great if you can find someone with the akin goal. If you are able to get a friend with a shared zest for exercise, then it would be great! Give that person the right to force you and keep bugging you to workout. If you know that your friend is counting on you and eagerly waiting for you to hit the gym with him, then you are bound to avoid procrastination. You can even collect your neighbours and together visit any fitness expert.

    In case you are unable to get an exercise buddy, then don’t worry! You can join any social networking site and locate people with the same agenda.

3. Schedule a workout routine

Try to make a workout routine and stick to it. Make sure to get at least an hour or thirty minutes for your body. Imagine how fit you will be one day if you get adamant about it. You can use daily email reminders or workout apps too. This will keep you on the track.


Make sure that your routine is reasonable enough. Put your schedule on the wall or somewhere it is easily visible; it will get you back in motion.

4. Change your attitude and turn on some good music!

You all are aware of the emotional power of music. Turn on a few motivational songs while your workout session. Trust me, music has got those magical powers to make you do IT!

Get a positive attitude towards your workout. Imagine yourself in that great physique if you continue to do it. Visualize the long-term benefits. Try giving yourself rewards if you reach a particular target.


5. Set a goal

It’s good to be ambitious but don’t cross the line. Be realistic while choosing your goal.

Setting a goal doesn’t mean to aim too high at once. Set a simple goal and then slowly and gradually progress towards difficult ones. Try something new everyday.

Do you want to fit into those amazing pair of old blue jeans buried in your cupboard? Or Are you jealous of your new colleague’s fantastic physique? Write all this on a piece of paper.

Reread your goals daily and stay motivated for the workout.


You can even make an exercise diary. Record the exercises that you performed, their period and how you felt. Try to write your feelings after each workout and revisit them when you need inspiration. This way you can conveniently keep track of your progress.


Now get moving! Be enthusiastic and get your energy back. Enjoy your workout and pat yourself on the back when you move closer to your goal each day. Whenever you feel like losing your motivation, then review these tips again and remember why you started the workout in the first place. Things will surely fall back into their places.

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