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11 Pro-Tips To Study Smart

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Jinal Dedhia
A commerce graduate and making my career in finance but An aspiring and passionate writer.

It’s hard to motivate yourself to study for long hours, but if you study with the right habits, it can be fun. Effective studying is an art in itself.

Smart work + Hard work= Best results.

Here are some very simple and very effective smart ways to make studying more interesting and keep yourself motivated.

  1. The atmosphere of your study room plays a major role. Decide on your study area wisely. Wherever you decide to settle, make sure it’s quiet, pleasant, neat and clean. This will encourage you to focus better.

  2. Before the day starts, have your study plan ready, like what all you want to do and cover. Don’t decide on hours to study, decide on your schedule.

  3. Try to understand things rather than mugging them up. Something which is important and you are not able to understand it, go search it on the internet. Mugging will lead you nowhere.
  4.  Study using the 45/5 Rule. After every 45 minutes of studying take 5 minutes of break.
  5. DO NOT USE CELL PHONES. Instead just close your eyes and relax, or read something productive, or play some brainstorming games. This will help your mind retain its efficiency.
  6. Walk Walking will improve blood circulation which will help your mind to work faster and better.
  7. Just reading and memorizing the study material won’t work. Try solving hands-on and practice questions.
  8. Drink plenty of water. It will help your body to stay hydrated and your mind to stay active.
  9. Meditate – 5 minutes twice a day. Fold your legs, sit straight, keep your hand on your knee, close your eyes and breath deeply.
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  10. Sleep – Until the time possible, don’t do late nights. This will make your brain to work slow and your efficiency will come down.
  11. Don’t Depend too much on coffee and tea to stay awake. When your hand is in action your mind will not want to sleep. Another option is to chew something or have something which contains mint. It will help you to stay awake.
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