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10 Ways To Woo Her When She Gets Mad

By Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich/ Shutterstock

“Girls!”, the most complicated yet lovable piece of art created by God!

They can hate as well as love you at the same time! They go all haywire and mad at you like it’s their ‘Janm Sidhh Adhikaar’! After all, if you are having her best, then you surely need to stand by her when she is at her worst too.

But anyway, we do understand your dilemma when you get all crazy trying to figure her out and wonder how you could make her happy again. Hence, I bring you ten of the simplest and the most heart-warming hacks to woo & win her over!

Here’s how you can calm her volcanic eruptions really soon!

1. The Bae-Balloon Connection:

By Roman Samborskyi/ Shutterstock


Do you think balloons are only for 3-year-old kids? Well, you better think again, buddy!

Remember, no matter how mature your girl might be, she’ll always be that silly, little kid at heart! Surprise her by tying a bunch of balloons (with I am sorry written on every balloon) to her vehicle, or maybe her doorknob (in case she uses public transport to commute!).

2. Bake A Cake:

Okay, we are not asking you to ACTUALLY bake a cake on your own; instead, tell her that you want to learn to bake a cake!

Take her help. Make the cake yummier with a pinch of romance added to it! Trust me; she’ll love you for initiating such a sweet step to woo her!

3. Flowers To The Rescue:

By VGstockstudio/ Shutterstock

Some of you might consider it old school, but this chivalrous technique always (like ALWAYS) works! But let’s freshen this thing a little; instead of gifting her a bouquet altogether, take her out on a date and surprise her with a flower every hour and end the occasion by gifting her a tiara of flowers. And you’ll soon see her blooming & blushing as one of them!

4. The Gentleman Way:

You can even woo her the ‘gentleman way,’ as I say. Take her out for a cup of coffee as an evening date and just when you are about to leave, go down on your knees, tell her that you love her, and gift her a box of her favorite chocolates!

Wait and watch as the chocolates melt her down into your arms soon!

5. The Muffin Moment:

By Real_life_Studio/ Shutterstock

Your old toy car is the key to this sweet-to-be memory of yours and hers!

Dine out with her and arrange a toy car with remote control & a muffin beforehand. Then, fix the muffin on it firmly and in a tasteful manner, and pin a coffee straw  (in the muffin itself) that says ‘I love you.’

Start the toy car and use the remote to stop it right in front of her.

We bet it’d make her day. And being angry? Well, she CANNOT be. Not anymore, at least!

6. Cute Chitty Trick:

Hide small paper chits in her handbag as well as other random places she often visits (like in the refrigerator, in her chest drawers, or maybe near her bedside table).

The content written in the chits would be the nicknames that you call her; they can be all lovey-dovey and idiotic as anything!

Supposedly, you call her ‘baby,’ ‘sunshine,’ ‘bae’ or anything like that; you can write these on the chits. Each nickname should have at least ten chits of the same; only then would she feel the essence of this adorable act of yours!

7. Hand Made Card:

By Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich/ Shutterstock

Be it an ‘I love you’ card or one that says ‘Sorry,’ or both; anything would work as long as it has your efforts! All she wants to see is that at least you are trying to make her smile, that you are apologetic and crazily in love with her!

8. Sh…Shh… SHOPPING!!!

Just like the route to a man’s heart passes through his stomach (typical foodies, eh!), the same way a girl’s ‘Dil ka rasta’ passes through her shopping bags!

Go shopping with her and, please, for once, actually make yourself interested in buying stuff for her. If you execute this hack smoothly enough, we are sure that by the time evening falls, your girl would be like, ‘He’s the best man a woman can get!’ 

9. Why Fear; When Dr. Dance Is Here!

Let this doctor fix your issue this time!

Invite her to your place. Get some soft music on. And your next step would be – close dancing!

By Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich/ Shutterstock

Dancing would get you close to her emotionally as well as physically, thus melting her heart. Also, it’d provide you with an opportunity to whisper those three magical words in her ears while you two dance to the rhythm of each other’s heartbeat!

10. Envelope Your Love:



You’ll be the most idiotic person on earth if you think love letters are no longer cool or in trend!

Every girl secretly wishes that she is surprised with such love letters every now & then.  They have a charm & excitement of their own. So pen down what you feel for her and let love ooze out of the ink this time!

As soon as she opens this envelope of yours, we bet she’ll instantly envelop you in her bear hugs!

She isn’t that hard to please people. And her anger is just as temporary as seasons! She wants a little love and care. She wants you to show her your efforts; simply that you do care!

P.S: You can thank me later! 😉


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