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11 Ways Your School Life Has Changed You

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The presidents and prime ministers who rule countries, or scientists or philosophers, were all once a student. I am sure anyone who thinks about their school days is left with a wide smile on their faces. This is because most of anyone’s childhood is spent in school.

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An idea you get in your school may change your life

What made you get more attached to school? Are they any of your family members? Even if you hated going to school at a tender age, you would have loved it over time. Every successful citizen is thankful for their teachers and school. Why?

School life is the synonym for childhood. It is the place where every child nourishes with boundless knowledge and virtues. Read the following list and recall all the fun you had and challenges you encountered in your school days that changed your life.

1. The assembly and class schedules in every school are designed and curated by the management, which embeds punctuality and discipline in our lives. Standing in a line to submit our homework books, going in a queue to attend the assembly hall, teaches us about the need for discipline in life. Do you remember paying penalty fees for not polishing your shoes well or for coming late for assemble? All this might have seemed unfair then, but we now realize that they did all that to teach us the importance of discipline.

Attending assembly will teach a kid about discipline and punctuality
Attending assembly will teach a kid about discipline and punctuality.

2. You might have come across many kinds of people in your school life. Some would have been patient, some arrogant, and others are rude and nervous. A class is like a world with multi-attitude people. If it’s an international school, you might have faced multilingual and traditional differences too. You learn at school to change your attitude and mannerisms when dealing with different people, which plays an important role in this communicative technological world today.

Being with the people teaches a kid to how to deal with different people
Being with the people teaches a kid to how to deal with different people.

3. Fights in school days were a common sight, where students would eventually land up at the principal’s office, and he would punish the guilty. Sometimes, the fight might have started because another guy was staring at your crush. The silly love which starts from school may turn into a tree or even a weed. Good luck finding the tree!

Sometimes, fights makes friends.
Sometimes, fights make friends.

4.In school, there are many curricular activities where there is a chance for every kid to explore and find out their talent. Some children might be duffers. But, these activities will help children dig out their core talent. By excelling in that talent, they can find their real identities and their real purpose in life.

Curriculum give hope to kids to find out their talent.
The curriculum gives hope to kids to find out their talent.

5. The habit of helping others grew when we were in school. You learn to share your lunch box with your friends who forget to carry their own. Helping your friend by sharing erasers, pencils and sharpeners was also a common sight. No one likes to lend their things to anyone, even if they are their siblings. But, school inserts that helping nature in kids.

Helping each other will make kids aware of morals
Helping each other will make kids aware of morals.

6. Being punished for not doing homework teaches you to be responsible for the work assigned to you.

You might be chuckling out now, recalling how you might have told a silly reason like, ” mam, there was no power at home to do homework.”

7.Whatever the punishment maybe, you would have obeyed the teacher’s word out of love, respect, and fear, which changed you from being rude and arrogant to a sensible citizen. Sometimes, your teacher might have asked you to kneel at the ground under the scorching sun, and you wished that no student ever got a punishment like you.

Sometimes, kids get sympathy from parents when they get punishment from teachers.
Sometimes, kids get sympathy from parents when they get punishment from teachers.

8. The groups or gangs you would form with your classmates and involve yourself in naughty things will remain memories that you will always cherish. As bad as that might sound, these groups of friends taught you to accept teamwork and goodwill.

However, there do exist groups in schools whose only focus is to bully others. Now, that is not a good thing to do. It will leave you with scars of regrets.

Sometimes, having a group friends shows the meaning of life
Sometimes, having a group of friends shows the meaning of life.

9. By the grace of almighty, if you find a friend who reflects you and supports you even when the whole world was against you, then you are the luckiest person, and that’s the most valuable and priceless gift given by your school. If you trust each other, your relationship, the friendship lasts forever.

Getting a true friend is equal to winning a jackpot
Getting a true friend is equal to winning a jackpot

10. Examinations you faced thrice every year made you confident to face all the challenges that life throws at you. You might have become tensed for exams at some point, but it always pushed you to study harder. Remember that too much stress and tension will cause trouble to you.

Copying in the exam and helping your friend in the exam are not encouraged, but they turn out to become sweet memories. But, when you really know the meaning of an exam, you can face the challenges of life.

phobia towards exam blew away when we grow up because of school.
phobia towards exam blew away when we grow up because of school

11. There might be a teacher who taught you to be a responsible citizen—one who responds to the problem instead of reacting to it. At least one of your teachers might have helped you morally and academically. One. One good teacher might inspire hundreds and thousands of students to walk the right path.

Teacher is a second parent for every student
A teacher is a second parent for every student.

You might come across many incidents which have taught you varied lessons, but now you must be smiling after reading this, thanking everyone who helped you during your schooling days to change and become the best version of yourself. Few people might even get emotional when recalling their school days because of their rude and unchangeable behavior.

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But every second in school life is a great opportunity for every kid to use it in a correct way to change their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. 


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