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Weekend Getaways – Unknown And Amazing Holiday Destinations Around Delhi


Are you among those in serious need of a holiday and want to take a break from the traffic and the weather of Delhi but only have the weekend at hand?

Here is the solution for you. These are the finest places around Delhi that have not been explored yet and are best for people looking for a weekend getaway.

Presenting you with a list of unknown and amazing holiday destinations around Delhi.


  1. Lansdowne

Lansdowne is one of the quietest and untouched hill stations in India. This beautiful hill station will give you the best of both worlds as it is well connected with all the roads and highways, but it is also remote and secluded from the rest of the world. The Britishers developed Lansdowne to cater to the “Recruits Training center of the Garhwal Rifles” It was founded and named after Viceroy of India Lord Lansdowne.

Lansdowne is the best place for those looking for a romantic weekend with their lover or who want to distress.

Top places to visit in Lansdowne

  • Bhulla Tal Lake
  • Tip –in-Top-Point
  • St Mary’s church
  • Darwan Singh Museum

Distance From Delhi-248 kms

Travel Time-6 hrs

Best Time to Visit-March-October





  1. Bharatpur

Bharatpur is famous by many names like the “Eastern Gateway of Rajasthan” and “Land of Jats.” Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD founded it. It is named after Bharat, the brother of Lord Rama.

Bharatpur is best known amongst forts, and palace enthusiast as this small district is the land of beautiful Forts and palaces. The architecture of the palaces is the product of the combination of both Rajput and Mughal Architecture.

Bharatpur is also very famous for its Wildlife. Keoladeo Ghana National Park is one place in Bharatpur, which is home to various animals and birds.

Bharatpur is best for people who want to take a break from the busy monotonous routine and wants to travel back to Mughals and Rajputs’ times.


Top Places to Visit Bharatpur

  • Koeladeo National Park
  • Lohagarh Fort
  • Deeg Palace


Distance From Delhi– 197 km

Travel Time -3 hours

Best Time to Visit– October- March







If Nanital is too mainstream for you as it can get quite crowded these days, especially during holidays, Bhimtal is the answer.

Bhimtal can be called the little sister of Nanital. It is ten times quieter, serene and breathtaking than Nanital.

“Bhimtal is a town and a Nagar punchayar of Nainital.”


Top Places to visit in Bhimtal

  • Bhimtal lake
  • Lok Sangrah, Folk Cultural Museum
  • Hidimba Parvat

Distance From Delhi – 294 Kms

Travel Time – 6 hours

Best Time To visit -September- March

Pic source-tymk

  1. Neemrana

“The Land Of Chauhans.” This small town located in the Alwar District is stunning and consists of amazing forts and palaces.

One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Neemrana Fort, which now has been turned into a heritage hotel.

 Neemrana is one the easiest places to reach and is very near to Delhi. This is the perfect getaway for the whole family as each of the members will have something to do here, whether it is spending the day in the most luxurious spas or exploring the exquisite palaces, it is worth it.


Top Places to visit in Neemrana

  • Neemrana Fort Palace
  • Siliserh Lake
  • Sariska National Park

Distance From Delhi –122 Kms

Travel Time- 3hrs

Best Time to visit –September-March



These are the places that are ready to be explored and is best for people who are
tired of the clichéd holiday destination like Shimla and Manali and want to try something new.

Go ahead, pack your bags and enjoy the journey !!!!!!!!!

 By- Priyanka Bhoj

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