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MIUI 9 : Features That Will Amaze You

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When we talk about some leading Asian smartphone companies, Xiaomi’s triumph has been justified to be convoluted with the contentment of the MIUI platform which company stemmed from the origin as a characteristic Android Software developer. And finally, it’s time to exult for the Xiaomi users as the long anticipated update has shown up. In China, the company annunciate about the update and further ensured his fan that won’t protract the update anymore. We always apprehend something astonishing from Xiaomi. What about this Update?!


On 26th of July, Xiaomi declared MIUI 9 which is strikingly contended Android interface but the brand-new version is immensely favoured for its futuristic approach.

As the reports reveal that Xiaomi’s update will be consisting of Android established custom User Interface (UI) which already fascinated the market with its fluid gesture dynamics and swift efficacy. In automotive market MIUI 9 is as resembling as the ROM of the market. Likewise every time Xiaomi affirms about its astounding performance. Besides presenting the sophisticated RAM handling crafts the beta version of MIUI 9 appears to be modish and far nattier than the previous versions with brisk change over animations compressing the loading time of applications.


Beijing – headquartered company unveiled during its official event that the brand-new version of its characteristics user-interface ROM is stationed on OS of Android Nougat 7.0. According to the news, it will have three fundamental features like Smart Assistant by which searching will become effortless like all you need to do now is just a right swipe on the home screen which will let you access the search bar with app propositions, other news connections and contrivable widgets. With that, there will be Image search and Smart App Launcher.


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First of all, the Image search will facilitate the task of finding pictures and photos featuring what you are searching for, where Smart App Launcher will initiate other Apps to start by screen constituents. One of the most preeminent upgrades of MIUI 9 is the Smart Assistant – which sustains the user facilitation to use a different kind of Apps and finding whatever in just one right swipe from the calendar to photos, videos to games anything you require at the very moment it will be right in front of you.

Image Search:

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Most of the time when you are entirely disarrayed in your gallery trying to find the treasured photo of yours or your loved ones but it is utterly strenuous for you to find unless you have the MIUI 9 update. As the MIUI 9 has the alluring Image search feature which streamlines the procedure of to search for an image. By only typing the specific keyword related to the image you are combing for like you want an image of “birthday” or “anniversary” would exhibit the similar photos from where you could get pick up your favoured one. An Absolute Masterstroke by Xiaomi.

Smart App Launcher:


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Have you ever thought about purchasing any of the items from an online shopping app without even opening it? Now it is pretty much like cheese in MIUI 9 with its Smart App launcher. What it basically does that it when the user is incapable of turning up the correct information about stuff on their screen then he long-press the app to get the available information with reference to the app will show up. It not only permits the user to single out the app it also provides the available information concerning the terms or subject they bump into while using other apps.

Smart Assistant:


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Again Smart Assistant caters a bunch of information which can be accessed only by swiping right on the home screen. Once you do that a stack of info will surface the list of recently closed apps and often used apps, contacts, custom widgets etc. With Smart Assistant, we can also keep track of our memos, schedules, tasks, alarms etc also. Nevertheless, it is going to surpass all the popular Smart Assistants like Bixby to Samsung, Siri to Apple and Google Assistant to Android but it would inexorably acquire people’s attention.

Split Screen:


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Another anticipated feature since the previous release of MIUI 8, Split Screen feature eventually alighted in MIUI 9. You can now access two apps concurrently by apportioning the screen into two like you want to watch a video on youtube and at the same time, you have to reply messages on Facebook, for that you can simply resize the screen in any aspect ratio you are comfy with. For some exceptional management outline of Split Screen View, the MIUI apps have the capability of actuating systematically whether the App permits the feature according to its display specifications. For instance, you cannot run any other app with Dialer as it will not support Split Screen.



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The very first device to receive this update of next-gen ROM will be Mi 6, Mi 5X and Redmi Note 4X Qualcomm. During a press conference, Xiaomi corroborated in an official statement that all the updates to the MIUI ROM will renege to its typical condition in August. The proclamation cited above will be appearing from 11th of August, 2017.

Though they included that the second release on 25th of August will be covering Smartphone like Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s Plus, Mi 5s, Mi 5c, Mi Max 32G, Mi Max 2, Mi 4s, Mi Note Pro, Mi 4c, Mi MIX, Mi max 64G/128G and Redmi 4X.  Ruling out the Mi 2A, Mi 1and Mi 1s, the brandishing of the MIUI China ROM for the rest Xiaomi phones have been scheduled to come up from the September end this year.


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