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What are the Various Kinds of Online Casino Games That You Can Play?

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The online casino industry has evolved a lot in the past few years in India. Even though many Indians knew about games like rummy, sports betting, and poker already, now they are able to enjoy other popular games, as well as the top global casino platforms, are gaining traction in India.


If you are new to the domain of online casinos or know about a few games only, then the following are some of the best options you can consider:


Slots are excellent for new players or those who are looking for casino games that are simple but fun. You must have seen these in movies and TV shows as actual/physical machines in which a player inserts a coin and then pulls a handle to see which images appear on the “slots”. If the images are identical or form a select pattern, then the player wins. The online slots work in the same way. However, instead of the traditional three reels, they usually have 5-6 reels. You also get a ton of variety and paylines in online slots compared to mechanical slots.


Poker is a game that’s synonymous with gambling and casino. It doesn’t have too many rules and involves a fair amount of skill which means that you increase your chances of winning by learning new techniques and gaining experience. The game itself is based on a 5-card hand. The cards have different ranks starting from high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. Your goal is to get the best hand at the table.

Even if you have never played online poker, you won’t have trouble getting started. However, be sure to avoid the rookie mistakes when it’s your first time which include playing too many hands, ignoring your position, and managing your bankroll poorly.


Roulette is another classic casino game that’s unfortunately not that common in India. However, online casinos can offer you a wide range of American and European roulette games (learn the differences here). They are also easier to play compared to cards-based casino games.

There are more than a few excellent platforms for roulette games in India. However, if you have to get started, then you can’t go wrong with LeoVegas roulette. It’s the only online casino that’s offering a decent range of roulette games in India. Plus. the cash prizes go as high as Rs. 5 lakhs (Rs. 20 lakhs if you are playing VIP games) which is pretty good.


There are many good reasons to celebrate Diwali every year which include sumptuous sweets and exchanging gifts. However, some people look forward to card games like rummy which is one of the most popular card games in the country. In fact, we have all kinds of interesting variations of the game viz. Sai Rummy, Sanka Rummy, etc. The good news is that the basic rules stay the same, at least for the traditional Indian Rummy.

Rummy is played by 2-4 players. If there are only two players, then each player gets 10 cards, and if there are 3-4 players, then each player gets 7 cards. After the cards are dealt, the deck is put face down and one card is placed face up beside it which is called the discard pile. The players take turns to pick one card either from the deck or the discard pile. The goal is to make different sets of cards like “7,8,9”, “A,K,Q,J” and “8,8,8”. Once all the cards are arranged in sequential sets, the player wins.


Keno is a simple lottery game in which you get a card with numbers 1-80. You have to select 20 numbers and a wager. The app then selects 20 random numbers and your goal is to match as many of these 20 numbers with those selected by you. The more are the matched numbers, the higher are the winnings earned by you against the wager.

So, these were some of the most fun online casino games that both professionals and newcomers can play. Just make sure that you pick the platforms carefully, especially on the basis of customer service, payment methods, security, and bonuses.

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