What Do Babies Think About?

What Do Babies Think About? 1

Babies brain is hard to understand as they lack any human reasoning and language and for a long time they were thought to have know understanding and sensations. But the recent studies show that a babies brain is buzzing with confusions. They have lot many things that randomly go around in their heads. A babies thinking is not restricted to narrow limitations of human mind, and so they have a much wider spectrum of sensation that goes beyond the actual limitations. They are hyper-aware of their surroundings.

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A baby’s brain has much more grabbing capability that allows them to learn many skills in very little time. Within a few months, they start understanding the voices of their close and a few year allow them to understand our daily instructions and they start learning about ten words a day. They even start getting the difference between the real and the virtual world. They get to know that their virtual toys are not their living friends.


A baby has more strong concentration than an adult, and they tend to notice even every mundane activity finding it new and exciting. Their feeling is like the one you have when you go to a completely new surrounding where every small and big thing seem really interesting to you. When you need to think innovative and out of the box, thinking like a baby is the best option you can take up as they can imagine much more possibilities than a human mind.


Recent researches have uncovered important findings; it turns out that baby brain contain more cells, or neurons, than the adult brain. The instant we open our eyes, our neurons start the ‘pruning process’ which involves removal of any unnecessary neutral connections. Furthermore, the distinct parts of the baby cortex- the center of a sensation of hidden thoughts-are better connected than the adult cortex, with more connections between the separate regions. These anatomical differences aren’t simply a sign of immaturity. They are an important tool that provides babies with the ability to assimilate vast amounts of information with ease. On one side pruning process increases brain efficiency but on the other it narrows our thought process and learning capacity.

At many moments, we should try to see the world from a baby’s eye to get a fresh view of everything around us.

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