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What Does it Feel Like to Lose a Teacher?

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In Memory of a Loving Teacher…


A teacher who had dedicated his entire life to serve students, to shape millions of kids who were nervously waiting to enter the threshold of college. A teacher who wanted his students to score centum and he worked so hard for it.


He admonished his students and sometimes never hesitated to even hit them, he was a pure man with full of dedication and a singular goal. The only goal was to make sure his students score well in the board exams.


A man with exceptional enthusiasm, he never stops for even a moment. He’s constantly occupied with some work; be it setting question papers every week to correcting the answer sheets, making handwritten notes for students so that they would understand better. He was a hit amongst the students. A lot hated him because he was very sincere and demanded work and submissions on time and he was very fond of obedience, hence demanding absolute subordination. Yet, everyone knew that the old man wished for our happiness, our marks. He often used to relate life incidents, used to talk about his students who had achieved great things in life. He was an inspiration to several people.

He was active at 65. He constantly made us work hard; taught us values and insisted on the fact that consistency is something that is essential for success. He was a man of principles. A man who lived according to his values. He was an amazing teacher, with the concepts and theorems registering forever in our minds. He made a revolution in teaching. A teacher who every parent trusted.

They knew that as long as their ward was admitted into his hands, centum was a sure thing. Whenever I lost hope, whenever my fear and anxieties starting ruling my brain, he was out there to strengthen us. His brisk walk, his drippings sarcasm, his clear ringing voice, everything brings back memories of his dedication and sincerity. He was an epitome of perfection, a man who perfected everything he did. Memories of misty February mornings now fill my head, when I used to walk inside the classroom packed with almost seventy students, all with puffy eyes, yet almost ready to sit in class. I basically owe all my marks to this man. He who redefined teaching, he who made sure his students always took the the centre stage.

Vivid memories engulf my mind. It’s hard to believe that the man is no more. Sorrow beyond our control. This is my small tribute to my teacher. Dear sir, I know that you are somewhere out there watching us all from heaven. We are all happy here, in good colleges, all thanks to you and your guidance. You will forever remain in our hearts. We will miss you beyond these words and paragraphs. A grief so strong that will take me an eternity for the fact to sink in; that you aren’t with us anymore. That’s all for now. Adieu sir, May your soul rest in peace.


Reference : Vandhana Tharini

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