What Does Your Sleeping Position Tell About Your Personality?

What Does Your Sleeping Position Tell About Your Personality? 1


Our body tells us so much about ourselves, it’s like reading a book and knowing things even you failed to notice that you do.Even the way you sleep can unveil many secrets you could never have guessed.We all have that one special position where we sleep as a baby. You might praise your soft pillow or that new water bed you got, but it’s your sleeping position that will give you a dreamy sleep or one with a morning headache.

So go on and give your pillow another look. It’s time for a little retrospection!

  1. FETAL

This is where the crowd goes mostly when it comes to sleeping positions.Curled up legs, facing the side, you sleep like a baby protecting yourself from the outside world.This might seem an uncomfortable way to sleep, but ask us, we’ll tell you, you can never sleep better.Such people might seem tough on the outside but look some layers in and you’ll find a warm and sweetheart.

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Literally speaking, you are yearning while you sleep in this position by lying on your side stretching forward your arms.On the brighter side, such people are very open-minded and inviting and though might be slow in making a decision but are as firm as one can get when they fix on one.Flip the coin and you’ll see their suspicious and cynical side about almost everything.

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What comes to your mind when you imagine this position? If it’s on your back, fully stretched with arms on your side, you’re bang on correct.Much like the name, the people though not many, following this position are very organized and disciplined raising the bar high for themselves as well as the people around them.They might seem shy courtesy their reserved nature but they are very serious when they are working on anything.

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  1. THE LOG

Imagine someone lying on their side with arms and leg stretched straight and you got yourself a log sleeper.Don’t let this fool you because these people are the life of the party.Their happy go-lucky-nature, over-friendliness, and careless side is what draws them in.Research has proved these “social butterflies” to be quite trustful though they can be gullible at times.

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Ever laid under the stars on a cool night with arms wrapped above their heads?That’s how some people sleep too!These people make friendships their top priority and do not hesitate to go that extra mile if the need comes.

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If you enjoy resting on your stomach, neck tilted to either side and arms wrapping that pillow, you fit perfectly in this category of careless sleepers.Such people might seem to be a free spirited bird but can be nervous in situations especially where they are placed under the radar.

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Though least preferred, you might come across someone who likes to sleep on their back with legs straightened out and hands stretched above their heads.These people makeup very loyal friends and would always be the ear you need for listening.Maybe that’s the reason they reach out even while sleeping!

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Though not an actual position, you might come across people who hug their pillow while sleeping.Such people place their bonds like friendships, family and relationships on the top of their priority list.You can always count on them to help you even if it means not helping themselves.

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