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What Happens When An Online Casino Shuts Down?

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As hard as it may seem, some casinos struggle financially. To keep the competition as low as possible, brick-and-mortar casinos are built in areas where there is little to no competition. With that said, online casinos do not have this option. In fact, the competition for online casinos is at its highest point. And, the competition continues to increase daily. But, what really happens when online casinos shut down? Continue reading this article in-depth to find the answer to that question and so much more.

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Public Announcement

Once an online casino decides to shut down, the first thing on their to-do list is to alert customers. The website will generally post an alert on its website. The alert should be visible to all visitors. So, they can prepare for the upcoming closure. Some online casinos may combine the alert on their website with an email to warn their customers of the potential closing.

This is the right thing to do because the customers will need ample time to decide what to handle the situation. They may need to withdraw or transfer money from their accounts to another online casino account or personal savings account.

Consider Selling

Just because the owner of an online casino cannot keep his/her head above water does not necessarily mean that someone else would not be able to run the operation successfully. As soon as the owners determine that the online casino is no longer financially stable, they will need to decide whether or not to sell it.

While some owners will sell their casinos without public awareness, this can be extremely difficult if not impossible for casinos operating online. For owners of websites like and other top online casinos, the answer is simple. Alert the customers and then contemplate selling. It is only fair that the customers be made aware of the casino’s financial struggles. The alert will help secure the money that belongs to the customers.

Stop Taking New Customers

Some online casinos will make an announcement concerning their financial struggles. In the announcement, they will alert consumers that they are no longer accepting new customers. This alert will draw attention from existing customers and questions will need to be answered in a timely manner. The idea is to make the transition as smooth as possible for the employees and customers. Secrets are the answer in these situations.

Alert Creditors

While it is important for online casinos that are preparing to shut down permanently to alert their customers, it is just as important to notify the creditors. A creditor is an individual or company that is owed money by the online casino. These individuals must be made aware of the potential closure early on, so they can decide what to do next.


Deciding to close a business is extremely difficult for everyone involved. Whether you are a customer, owner or creditor, you are at risk of a financial loss. If the owners handle the situation professionally, no one will suffer too much of a loss. It is up to the owners to decide how to handle the situation. And, they may or may not include the creditors or customers in the process.

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