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What Is It Like Dating A South Indian Women


There is always a captivating feature of a South Indian woman. May her tall, sharp features, or her intellect, these women have something inside them. Dating a South Indian girl is no joke but single men always for their charm and wit.

South Indian girls or women are culturally very driven. They are dedicated, smart; they have core family values. They preserve their South Indian culture with the utmost care. They are free spirit birds which high aim.


The South Indian families encourage their daughters with education, art, and culture. Hence, you will find an almost 100% literacy rate in women in South India. They know the value of education.

Their culture, upbringing, and socializing with the outside world differs from that of North India. Hence, many North Indian men travel to South India for studies or jobs end updating and then marrying a South Indian girl.

For example- In Bollywood, Deepika Ranveer, Shilpa Raj Kundra, Aishwarya Abhishek, Vidya Balan Siddharth Roy Kapoor are the few couples who got married.

Are you someone who likes a South Indian woman sitting in your next cubicle? Or you want to talk to a South Indian girl and want them better before dating?

Then, before you ask for dating a South Indian woman, you should know why you should fall for a South Indian beauty. It would help if you considered the core reasons.

Core Reasons For Dating a South Indian Woman

1. Sharp Features

You will find very few South Indian women without sharp features. The big eyes with a sharp nose will pass on to the next generation, and so on.

When they stress those sharp features with a little touch of makeup, they look beautiful and sassy.

2. Wear Saree The Best

Saree is the traditional outfit down south. South Indian girls are possessive about their saree culture.

The typical South Indian draping style is now famous PAN India. The pleats are neat, the Pallu is always on the place, and the brief view of their waist makes the Indian men go crazy.

3. Their Intellect

They are very sharp mouth. They not only have beauty but brains. They are engineers, doctors, researchers, and scientists.

They are also developed culturally in the creative world. Hence, dating a South Indian woman gives you a piece of knowledge and a self-confident girl by your side.

4. They Are Independent

Now, education brings opportunities, and they are economically independent.

When you take a South Indian girl to a restaurant, she will always come forward to pay the bills, and there is no shame.

It shows that they are independent women, and they can be your life-long partner shoulder to shoulder bearing her expenses or even give you a treat.

5. Crazy Cook

Are you a fan of South Indian dishes? South Indian is more than idli, dosa, sambar. Many dishes are South Indian special, both veg, and non-veg. They are sumptuous, yummy, and delicious.

To taste the authentic South Indian dishes, you can date a South Indian girl. If you have one dish cooked by them and trust me, you will fall in love with the girl forever. Also, it is a perk of dating a South Indian woman.

6. They Have Deep Family Values

If you start dating a South Indian woman, you know that they have deep family values.

If your dating is going smooth and you want to introduce her to your family, then do it.

She will bond with your parents fast and beautifully. Please don’t miss this chance. They know how important is your parents like theirs.

7. Deeply Rooted With Culture

Being an Indian woman, she knows her culture. She is deeply rooted not only with South Indian culture or festivals like Onam, Pongal, but they also value festivals from other parts of India. That is the charm of dating a South Indian woman.

8. Always Committed

Once she becomes serious in her relationship, she will always remain committed.

It is the case for 99.9% of South Indian women. You can rest assured that once you fall in love with her, she will not cheat you.

9. Open Minded And Truthful

Dating a South Indian woman gives you the perk that she always remain truthful in her words.

They speak their mind. What they have in heart, they speak that. They do not make false you with any fake promises.

10. Proud Of Origin

A Hyderabadi girl is different from Madrasi or Keralian girl. Do not ever stereotype them or labeled them as all South Indians are the same.

While dating a South Indian woman, you should know her origin, culture, and behavior.

They are very strong headed and proud of their origin. Please do not mess with that, or else she can walk away from your life.

Know her culture, tradition, and all the smallest things of her origin, and she will give her heart to you.

11. Parents Of South Indian Girl

When you start dating a South Indian woman, you also start getting involved with her parents.

The fathers of the South Indian girl is not rough. They are cool. But, the mothers are a bit culturally inclined. So, have an eye on the mothers of your girl.

12. Early Morning Wedding with Grand Preparation

If you love grand but subtle, then south weddings are the best. They usually have an early morning wedding.

It is so much fun. If you think of yourself as a morning person, then you would love it. If not, still, you should not miss it.


13. They Have Curves

When India is asking for size zero and slim body, South Indian woman loves their curves.

They proudly flaunt it wearing any outfits, especially saree.

14. Step Into Creative World

Carnatic music, South Indian dance like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, art, or even a writer is being the common practice in South Indian households. Dating a South Indian woman also gives you the perks of a creative world.

The parents make sure that they learn any creative form and decide whether to pursue it in the future.

15. Good At Maths

They are not dumb girls. The maths genius is always in their genes. They are the nerd girls in schools and colleges.

16. They Are Low Maintenance

They are not too much into brands and fancy things. When you date her, you always remember that she is happy with small things.

They love to be your side always. If a South Indian has grown up in North India, then the scenario will be slightly different.

17. A Golden Girl

In the age of diamond and platinum, they still hold the roots of gold. South Indian means a lot of gold.

When you marry her, she will bring tons of gold with her. It is their culture and pride. You cannot deny that.

18. Beauty of Bridal Look

When you date a South Indian woman, you can imagine her in the Goddess like bridal attire and look.

From head to toe, they look like Goddess. You can’t take your eyes off from her. Today, the South Indian girls are a bit experimental; it’s their bridal looks.

With that heavy, silk border bridal sarees, they choose some beautiful, designer blouses to complement the contemporary bride’s look and even look.

19. Flower Girl

“Gajra” is an integral part of a South Indian girl’s beauty. They love to tuck fresh Gajra on their hair. It defines their genuine beauty. If you are dating a South Indian woman, then impress her with Gajra, and she will immediately fall for you.

20. They Hard Work

South Indian woman loves to work harder. They never waste their education and work hard to be self-independent from family work to office work; they smartly balance everything on point. They are not shame of it.


21. Problem Solving Girl

If you date a South Indian girl, and you have a fight, then she is the one who will solve the problem. So, in a relationship, you will have less fight, which will solve the relationship issues.

22. They Get Pleased Easily

It is not very hard to please a South Indian girl. They can be pleased very easily. This makes the relationship easy and happy.

You do not have to invest much to make her happy. They are very easy to go-to girls.

23. You Are Comfortable.

When you are near her, you are always comfortable. Yes, they will make you feel comfortable. They are good listeners, so you can share your heart out to feel relaxed and comfortable.

24. Beauty Of a Thick Long a Hair

The secret is coconut oil for their thick and long hair.

Even they get the genes from their mothers, grandmothers, and generations. So, you can hide away in the mid of their long, thick hair. These are the above beautiful reasons for which you can start dating a South Indian woman.

You will not repent, but you can easily blend in her culture, tradition, and beauty. They are smart, intelligent, fashionable, and deeply rooted in her culture.

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