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What is it Like Dating a Writer?


Ever wanted to date a writer? Ever wondered about dating a writer? Well, there are a lot of myths around what is the life of a writer and what it is like to date a writer. Dating a writer is like dating any other average person but different. Do you understand what I mean?

Before dating a writer, I think it’s necessary for you all interested peeps to have the right approach towards them. So, here are some points that will help you come straight from the heart of a person who believes she’s a writer. I hope you believe too, after reading!

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Watch this video on why everybody wants to become a writer:

1. Do You Read?

This is the first and foremost thing that writers would expect from you. Do you read books? Reading habit is very important if you want to date a writer. Writers themselves are avid readers, and most of their conversations are filled around their favorite characters, plot lines, or something around books.

I am pretty sure that you need to have a little knowledge about books if you want to strike a conversation, at least. Dating a writer requires a consistent reading habit hands down. So guys and girls who are into dating a writer, wear your reading glasses on and grab that book next to you!

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Believe me, and you won’t regret this. It will be the best thing you did to impress someone.

2. They Can Write You Things

This is an excellent advantage if you want to date a writer. The letters, emails you have to write will flow with literature and go straight into the hearts of the receiver. And not to forget the unique captions your writer partner gives for all those Instagram and snap chat photos!

Dating a writer means you get to give the best gift cards, letters, and captions. Who doesn’t want more likes?  Think off, guys and girls. Go date a writer. You get more than what you give. And that is the best. You can flaunt your partner with just captions for your photos. How about that?

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3. They are Inexpensive and Easily Tricked

Dating a writer is inexpensive. For every special occasion, you need to do just one thing. Buy them books, journals, or stationaries. You don’t have to overthink to gift them something. See how easy it is to date a writer!

Also, don’t forget that they can be easily tricked with the same method. So, whenever he or she is angry, surprise them with a gift, which is either their favorite book or pen. Your job will be done! It’s that easy and straightforward to date a writer. So, Why not?

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4. They Can Find Plot Holes

Okay, now this is complicated. This might be taken as an advantage or disadvantage. A writer is looking for flawless storylines. When you watch a movie or series with them, you can expect them to cry over the death of a character, or give death-rants about how flawed the plotline is.

Some of you might like their analysis. But most of you might get annoyed by their non-stop rants or appreciation, basically chattering while watching a show. But, if you adore your partner, you can bear anything and everything. Right? So, why not date a writer?

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5. They Are Communicative and Flexible

This is an extension of the prior point that writers are chatterboxes when it comes to storylines. Writers generally have some of the other thoughts running on their minds,s which is always interesting to listen to.

They communicate things in the most effective way possible. You can never be bored. This does not mean that they will be argumentative. They are always welcome to new thoughts and ideas. Hence, they are extremely flexible too. Dating a writer is an excellent idea, according to this point. Don’t you agree? There is room for all types of discussions.

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6. They Are Always Juggling Between Fiction and Reality

This is an obvious interpretation. Writers have two different worlds- The one which always runs on their head and their real world. When you talk to a writer you can notice that they get comfortably zoned out, and you might find that you have to bring them back to the present often.

If you like the idea of two parallel worlds and would like to lie in those, dating a writer is the best choice. You might believe in the idea of a parallel universe or even multiverses if you date a writer.

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7. You May Find Weird A Weird Search History

Yes, you heard it right. Writers’ google searches are valid enough to be in a museum. You might find their search history ranging from baby names to the spelling of dyslexia or narcolepsy or even something weirder.

You might sometimes find them crazier because of their search history. It is up to you to take it funny or crazy. Dating a writer is more interesting than you can ever imagine. If you seek an always interesting and adventurous life, a simple solution might be to date a writer. It will work!

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8. They Value Their Quiet Time

Writers value their private time very much. It is worthy as a treasure for them that allows them to slow down, recharge, and come up with new and fresh ideas. If you are willing to date a writer, you must value their “alone time” as they do.

This is more of a warning, actually. Do not interrupt their private time unless you want to see your partner turning into a hungry blood monster. When they are in their private time, all you have to do is let them enjoy their quality time in peace. They will come back more loving, and you will have more lovey-dovey moments.

If you value your quiet time, writers can quickly grasp your thoughts and you need not explain them at all. You might love these perks of dating a writer. I am sure I am tempting you into dating a writer.

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9. They Feel Deep

Writers are extremely sensitive. They feel everything and wear their heart on their sleeves. They are extremely sympathetic and also empathetic. Now, who does not want a partner who can understand, respect your moods, and shower love at all times?

Dating a writer is like a full package. You get everything, especially emotions in excess. You might yourself overwhelmed a lot of times when you are dating a writer. As said, dating a writer is a roller-coaster ride in itself.  Are you ready for the adventurous roller-coaster ride? G find a writer and date him or her!

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10. You, Will, Have Great Stories

Dating a writer means you will have several stories to tell. You learn a lot. You live in a fictional world. You fall in love with reading. And maybe, you might get into writing as well. Who knows? Your world is influenced so much with writing and things related to writing.

Even if you break-up with your writer partner, your memories will be great stories in itself. You might find yourself in one of the characters they wrote or in bits and pieces of their writing. You will want to cherish their writing more than them. This is one of the best things about dating a writer.

Having said about all the great things about dating writer, there are some don’ts to consider as well. Everything comes with clauses. Let me be an honest writer and help you out! Read out the Don’ts before dating a writer.

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11. Don’t Ask How the Work is Going

Trigger warning: You might trigger the anger of your writer’s love if you ask how their writing is going. This is because there is no right answer to it. Why do you want to confuse your love with complicated questions? Their life is complicated anyway by already living in different worlds.

Remember not to sneak in what they write even if you are in no control of your curiosity. They might transform into one of the witch characters they wrote in their horror story to kill you. Be careful, guys, with what you ask your writer love and what you do when they write.

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12. Don’t Ask For Help

This is a pleading note from a writer, guys. It is okay to ask us to write your English assignments or help you out in competitions. But won’t you be annoyed by constantly interrupted by asking to help? You need to be a writer to know how it feels to write your boring assignments.

We have so many more things to do, guys. They are much better and demands more of our time. Consider this a request or warning. But you need to be reminded of this, before dating a writer.

Finally, I would like to give the last tip for dating writer. Your partner, who writes, would say that he or she is welcome for suggestions and criticism. But the truth is you are allowed to do so, only when they allow you.

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Never give voluntary suggestions and put your life at risk. I hope this last tip will be a great help in dating a writer.

Watch this video on the struggles of dating a writer:

Otherwise, writers are super cool. You will love to date a writer now, I guess. Dating a writer is the best! Trust me!






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