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What Makes Movavi Video Editor Perfect for Everyone?

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Today, almost everyone has a smartphone and wants to capture each and every moment. No matter whether you are at home, with friends or traveling, every moment is special for you and you want to capture and cherish it. Whatever the occasion, it is now possible to create stunning videos and edit and enrich them to create amazing effects. When you capture a video, you don’t want to use the entire clip. It is important for you to select the best moments and keep them. Using a powerful video editor is the best way to achieve this. And Movavi is among the best tools you can use.

With the Movavi Video Editor, you are able to create beautiful videos with a wide range of features. All you will need is to have basic IT skills and the ability to drag-and-drop using the mouse. The software is available for free installation.

Why is Movavi Video Editor so Special?

Using the Movavi video editor is extremely easy. You don’t have to have any video production experience, yet you can create professional-looking videos in minutes. Learning all the features and functions of the tool takes not more than 20 minutes. It offers features like filters, titles and transitions to help you create rich videos, which can then be saved into any format. You can also share your videos created within this editor directly onto YouTube. It also has an automatic video creating feature that further simplifies the overall task.

How to Use the Video Editor?

This video editing software is just perfect for creating videos from multiple clips, photos, or for editing a long video clip. The different steps involved are quite simple:

  • Upload Files: Upload video clips and/or photos to the software to create your video. You can upload the files from any source including your phone, camera or computer.
  • Edit Videos: Once you have uploaded all the files, start editing using simple drag-and-drop controls. Delete all unwanted sections, move the sections to different positions to create the story, add titles, transitions and apply filters. The software also allows you to add voiceover or upload music tracks.
  • Export or Share: Once the video is created, you can export it into any popular format or share it directly on YouTube.

You can export the video file to different formats for playing on a desktop, 4K TV or mobile device.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

  • Built-in Video Editor Library: The software has a built-in media library where you can access video clips, music, sound and backgrounds.
  • Picture in Picture: You can combine different videos on single screen using this feature.
  • Video Stabilization: Any motion distortion can be removed without having to impact the video’s quality.
  • Webcam Integration: You can directly record videos from web cams and use in the software for creating your videos.
  • Audio Editor: Movavi video editor also has an audio editor that allows you to adjust frequency, apply special audio effects and remove any noise. You can also record audio or voiceover and add to the video.
  • Audio Rhythm Detection: It also has an automatic audio rhythm detection system that allows syncing with the overall tempo.

There are more than 160 creative filters to choose from. You can easily add titles and make adjustments to all the text. There is also an animated titles feature that makes your  videos even more creative. The video editor also offers over 100 transitions for both pictures and videos. You can add a wide range of effects, ranging from slow motion to reverse to Chroma Key effects.

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