What Would Have Happened if Facebook Was Not Introduced?

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What Would Have Happened if Facebook Was Not Introduced? 1

Imagine that our Earth is about to be invaded by aliens. As imposed by most books and movies, first attack would be an “Electromagnetic impulse”- to ramshackle our potential source of information sharing by dilapidating all the means of electronic devices that are used for communication.  If at all an invasion have had took place in 19th or 20th century, the major impact would have been felt over Industrialization, colonization, world wars etc.                                                As we happen to be a part of 21st century- a century where social liveliness is being considered more crucial than the actual presence, a century where information theft, data loss, internet piracy seems like a huge threat than environmental degradation and climatic changes, the initial attack will create bigger impact on the people’s social life and media culture.


Talking of social media, let’s brainstorm ourselves to realize what would happen if we were not introduced to facebook. The fact that I am getting urged to write about the effects of the absence of facebook from our lives itself is kind of gnarled obsession towards social media. When huge number of people come together and engage in a single platform like this, it is on one side way too dangerous. Any small take by the administrators will have big toll on the whole world’s population. And at the same time, if anything good happens, it happens as a whole.

Okay let’s keep aside such cynical thoughts and delve into something interesting.

  • Story of an Age Old Poet


                Raimundo, had got abandoned or probably might have ran out of the family become a street dweller. But his dreams for poems never ceased to twinkle around his own imaginary world that he himself called ISLAND. A lady, who read the poems written by Raimundo had become obsessed and created a Facebook page wherein she posted his works. As the readers count grew, people started noticing this poor lad lying on the pavement. He became popular in his surroundings. What he got back is his family and also his dreams came true. I am attaching the video link here, do watch it.

Raimundo A. Sobrinho

What would have happened to Raimundo if Facebook was not there?

  • Chennai Floods

                Nevertheless, facebook had saved hundreds of lives from the recent havoc in Chennai. People used social media wisely to locate the inhabitants who are stuck in water, tracked them and rescued them with crystal clean efforts.

What would have happened to people in Chennai, if Facebook was not there?

Freedom of speech is the shining tool for lots of social media activists, intellects, philosohphers and journalists, today. Facebook had raised their voices to echo in each and every corner of the world.

Unlike those days, writers, artists and all kinds of creators of art doesn’t need to rely on theirs published or completed piece of work to get the readers count.

Facebook plays a major role in marketing for many business vendors to popularize their products and startups like Icytales to increase their readership counts and much more.

Communities grew, people become connected 24*7, opportunities created, thoughts and feelings of individuals started fleeing across globe, potentials got recognised, we got to know like minded people around the world, we realised what it is like to be social, act social, live social.

These are just a glimpse of benefits being gained by an ordinal pretence of such media tool. I don’t want to quote any numbers or figures to let out the advantages of Facebook here.

But still, what would have happened to everything and everyone above if Facebook was not there? 


  • Wrong Conception

Biggest irony is that statements, thoughts, quotes and messages against Facebook are being posted and shared through Facebook again. If we take a look at an average citizen’s life style and knowledge source before these social medium came into existence, 7 out of 10 people might have gone unnoticed by the people around them for their entire live, while the other 3 would have acted intellectual and garnished their skills. But advent of Facebook had made those 7 people come out to share and gain information on their regard. Now out of 10, 7 people spending most of their time in Facebook may seem huge in number, but remember that these people along were the ones who might have got screened and ignored by this society at first hand.19-Things-Successful-People-Do-On-Social-Media

Now, if we go preach everyone how to live their lives, how to make maximum use of social media, how to love and care in the most humane ways possible, he/she may or may not hear, because the only way we can reach the audience is through social media which in turn makes us one of the users who need lectures on ’10 tips on how to be socially less active’ or ’10 ways how to live a social life without the need of social meida’, etc.


  • Impact

Facebook does effect our social lives. Those Birthday reminders, memories notifications, senseless rummage for likes and shares and views, craze for that one perfect profile picture, unblemished yet idiotic conversations, timeless staring over our enemy’s or crush’s or someone else’s wall, that purposeless scrolling of timeline, over exaggerated relationship statuses, time to time- minute to minute-second to second updation about things we do(mostly stupid), tagging and nagging of people we like and don’t, abusing or humiliating or ridiculing someone in their own timeline, annoying others by inviting them to play games we fancy for and to try mundane applications, messaging or poking others when they are not interested, smilless smileys, tearless sobs, soundless fights, bloodless hurts, trolling everyone, mocking everyone, doing a thing just because someone in friend list has done-without any second thought, liking and following every single page we come across that in someway relates to us, confession pages, promotion efforts privacy controls, etc.


It has emerged as a culture, we had become a part of it. A culture without any strong basis had rooted inside our minds. A Socio-media culture. Most of us have over exploited the very influencial tool of the century. We have crossed that safety border long ago and forgot our own norms – who we are by nature. Instead of having Facebook as a path to fill our lives with people, we turned it upside down.

Social media brought us close to distant people but took us away from our closest ones


A tamizh film named ‘Vaayai Moodi Pesavum-(Talk with closed mouth)‘ is coming into my mind now. If we all get affected by speaking disorder, most people do not care much, as they already seems to have speaking disroder- with parents, brother/sister, friends or children around, world around due to social media.

‘Whether it is good or bad?’- Hypothetical.

  • So, what would have really happened if Facebook was not invented in first hand?

Some other guy like Mark might have introduced a similar platform and named it something else. The very idea of facebook is not the only great innovation our mankind had ever seen.

It’s not going to help us much in debating over something’s absence when it’s phenomenal presence is creating wonders and enhancing the lives of millions. And also it’s not going to help us much in debating over something’s absence which is being wished by many.

Let’s cherish it as good as possible and prevent it from influence our own minds.

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