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What You Need To Know To Make The Perfect Cinnamon Roll Dish

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There is nothing better than waking up to a fluffy, gooey, and smoking hot plate of cinnamon rolls. Hot off the oven and just sitting there wafting beautiful smells all around the room. A nice, cool glass of milk to wash down the rolls is the only thing that would make this scenario better.

That being said, one doesn’t just wake up and find the perfect cinnamon rolls waiting on them. This is something that you’ll need to prepare the night before. And, one of the major problems with a dish like cinnamon rolls is that they never turn out like you think, forever ruining the entire experience. Sure, they may turn out good, but they never turn out like those store or restaurant bought ones or the ones that your mom or grandmother used to make on those lazy Sunday afternoons. All of that is about to change with the following tips and information.

Try A Silpat

Putting cinnamon filling on your dough is easy enough. In fact, this is a step that anyone can do, but the challenge comes in the rolling. And, if you don’t have a good roll, you aren’t going to have a presentable end product. This is where a Silpat or a flexible baking mat will help out. Once ready, all you have to do is lift one of the long sides of the baking mat and give the dough a little nudge until it starts to slightly fold over on itself.

From here, you’ll continue lifting while also letting the dough do the rest of the work. By the time you reach the end, you’ll want to roll the whole log over a few more inches to keep the seam on the bottom against the mat. Do this right and you’ll end up with the perfectly shaped log.

What You Need To Know To Make The Perfect Cinnamon Roll Dish 1

Take Advantage Of The Right Recipes

Cinnamon rolls are an extremely common dish, but you’ll quickly discover that no two people make them the same. Just a smidgen of brown sugar more and your rolls will come out tasting different. Maybe you like to add raisins. Maybe you like to skip them. Whatever the situation is, there is no disputing the fact that there are tons of cinnamon roll recipes out there, but if you want the best results, you should consider checking out cinnamon rolls on Corriecooks.

Cut With Dental Floss

Just because you have the perfect log it doesn’t mean that you are going to come out with the perfectly cut cinnamon roll. In fact, you probably won’t because even the sharpest knife in your kitchen will have a problem cutting the rolls into individual pieces. It’ll just end up smashing rather than cutting. And, this is why it is pertinent to use dental floss. What you’ll want to do is cut you a piece of dental floss that is at least double the diameter of the log, wrap it around the log like you are going to tie a knot, and pull each side tight until you have a beautiful, presentable, individual cinnamon roll.

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