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What your favourite game genre says about you

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The wonderful thing about gaming is that there is a massive variety of games to choose from. With so many different categories and genres, players are sure to find a title that suits their play-style and interests, no matter what their skill level is. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what your video game genre of choice says about you. 

What your favourite game genre says about you 1

First Person Shooters (FPS)

First Person Shooters are among the most popular and commercially successful games in the industry. While they may not have the best reputation with parents and elders (for obvious reasons), franchises such as Call of Duty, Doom and Halo are very popular with gamers due to their very competitive online setting.

People who enjoy FPS games are competitive in nature and are often very extroverted. They take pleasure in aggressive and combative settings that they can enjoy alongside friends and strangers online. FPS games are focused on delivering simple good fun to players, and are accessible to both casual and hardcore gamers.  

It should come as no surprise that the overwhelming majority of FPS players are male. Masculinity plays a large role in the popularity of these games. The demographic of young men and highschool students is evidence of their need to blow off steam in a highly competitive and combative setting. 

Role-Playing Games (RPG)

RPGs are popular among gamers who enjoy escapism and story-based content. Whether its titles like Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, or Fallout, the main allure of these types of games is to escape from reality into a world that is much cooler than our own. 

A strong imagination is needed to fully enjoy this genre as players are invited to explore rich worlds, contemplate deep themes and immerse themselves in a good story. RPGs attract players who enjoy playing games at a much slower place and tactical gameplay over mindless action. Combat in these games is often, but not always, simulated in a turn based or grid-based battle system which requires strategic thought. 

Moreover, RPGs allow players to feel like they are growing and progressing alongside their character or party members. It is a rewarding experience for players to see the time and effort that they have put into the game reflected in their in-game avatars. 

Online Casino Games

The Casino genre is the online version of real life casino games. The prestige and glamour of casinos have always had a strong presence in American popular culture, so it makes sense that Online Casinos are more popular than ever. Games like Poker, Slots, and Roulette are among America’s favourite Casino Games to play online according to The main attraction of casino games to gamers is the thrill and excitement of high-stakes bets, as well as the opportunity of winning a large payout. 

A person’s casino game of choice can tell you a lot about their personality. Slots players are relaxed and enjoy taking their time with games. They are not overly competitive and do not like taking risks. Poker players are often quite patient, introverted, and very intelligent, with a keen eye for strategy and an analytical mind. Roulette players share a lot of traits with poker players. They are focused, confident in their own skills and like to trust their own judgement.


Fans of Sports titles like FIFA, Madden and NBA 2K enjoy fast paced, competitive gameplay based around their favourite sports. Players are often confident and extroverted people, who have a strong understanding of the strategic intricacies involved with their favorite sport of their choice. Fans of this genre have a real passion for sports, extremely dedicated and committed to the immediate tasks set before them. They are team players and will often do whatever it takes to win. 


What category or genre of video game is your favourite? Does your style of gaming match with your personality type, or is it nothing more than a coincidence? Whatever your favourite game genre might be, we all enjoy spending our leisure time with the fully interactive and immersive experience that gaming offers.


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