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When You’re a Back-Bencher, You Will…

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Once a Backbencher, Always a Backbencher

If you are or have been a backbencher in your classes, I’m pretty sure you recognize yourself as someone Pretty Cool and will spend bragging about it silently or maybe a little, just a little, loudly *sarcasm intended*.

Backbenches have these incredible superpowers where they give the people sitting there a sense of being the cooler, more authoritative lot, having more swag. Teachers on the other hand, by default, take them to be the people who are least interested in the on-going classes, and while it might be true, it’s just a much generalized idea. (Ha-ha   ?)

 Here’s a little about the backbenchers in the class:

·        You’re such a creative person!

From making cartoon sketches of the teachers to drawing every possible combination of hearts and flowers and patterns and stick-men and dialogue pieces, your creativity knows no bounds in those boring classes. Your copies probably fill from the back, ahem… since all your masterpieces make their way through the last pages of the copy. Tip: You should probably consider selling those artworks as memes and cartoon magazines, it’ll be productive honestly.

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·        Phones below the desk

Okay, this is especially for the millennial born people, considering phones weren’t so developed and entertaining and addictive before. (But, I’m sure people from the former generations would’ve used it below the desks too if they were) You know all the ways to stay safe from the radar of the teachers’ eyes while playing… Candy Crush? Okay okay …Subway Surfer? Or maybe …Mini Militia? Whatever it is you do, you have special places to hide those phones. I’ll not be surprised if you have a thick book with a rectangular cutout, iykwim!

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·        Lunch boxes before the break

The teacher needs to only turn around for 1/1745th second and the boxes get half empty. Waiting for the break to have the food just isn’t your thing, you like thrill, you like speed and adrenaline rushes! Hardly ever do the boxes stay full by the time the break bell rings. And not just your own, you love to savor upon the variety of things everyone around has brought. So, if you used to be the innocent front-bencher kid whose food always seemed lesser than what you had expected, thank me later… for solving the mystery of the lost lunch, duh!

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·        It’s easier to watch over your crush

One literal advantage of sitting behind everyone is that you get to see everyone ahead, but they cannot see what you’re up to without your knowledge. What better than use this opportunity to watch over the person you so ardently want to look at, secretly, without them getting to know about it? (Take notes introverts)

Source: https://www.wikihow.com/images/thumb/b/bc/Spend-Time-With-Your-Crush-at-School-Step-1-Version-3.jpg/aid535140-v4-728px-Spend-Time-With-Your-Crush-at-School-Step-1-Version-3.jpg

·        You make friends of a lifetime here

Yes, I know people drift apart after farewell and those promises break, but the memories stay forever. Sometimes, these memories are what bring smiles back and even after you meet them after years, the bond pretty much stays the same and original. They will stay as the most real and controversy-free friendship stories to look back upon.

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Being a last-bencher doesn’t make someone any less studious, or more inclined towards the rusty paths (or does it?). Nevertheless, they usually have such funny and stupid stories to tell people about when they grow up and change a lot with age. Cheers to all the punishment and teacher nicknames, Backbenchers!

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