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Who Is The “Master”?

By Sunflowerey/ Shutterstock


By Sunflowerey/ Shutterstock

There is no need for an explanation as to why cooking is important in every culture. It also goes unsaid that the most popular show anywhere in the world is the Masterchef series. It can be said that Masterchef has reignited the many cooking minds. Hands down, Masterchef Australia has to be the most popular and the most loved of all the editions. In reality, many ticks go in favor of Masterchef Australia compared to the most probably the worst editions of Masterchef, the American version. Here are some of the reasons why Australia kicked the butt of the US.

1. The important aspect of any show is the presence of judges. The judges in Masterchef Australia set the bar so high neither Gordon Ramsey nor any others could ever jump. Gary, George, and Matt have to be the best judges because of their presentation. Their approach to judging is simple and to the point. They never spit out bad food or throw them in the trash bin like Joe in Masterchef US. The Aussie judges wanted to be mentors or guides to the amateur cooks. They offer the contestants various teachable moments.

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2. We can see the clash of cultures vividly in both shows. The program itself is an example showing the character of both nations. Australians are shown to be more friendly, warm, affectionate, and caring. They are there because they can cook and want to prove that they can. In the US edition, contestants are shown to be bickering about others, trying to be manipulative and annoying.

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3. Masterchef Australia spans almost 60-65 episodes per season. It is a significant reason for the viewers to become close to the contestants. Each one becomes a household name, like Poh, Brent, Callum Hahn, etc. Masterchef US is only about 13-15 episodes per season. They eliminate the contestants within a blink. Thus, neither the show nor the contestants are etched into our hearts.

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4. Masterchef Australia does not try to rake in the moolahs. They have regular followers for the show. They don’t need to try to increase their TRPs. The US edition hangs by a thread and is constantly trying its best to stay afloat. The show is all about showiness. They tend to tweak in situations to increase their ratings. They create a hostile environment inside the room by making people compete against each other in a really hostile way.

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5. The way they talk is highly different and worth mentioning. Aussies have a unique slang in which they address each other as “Mate,” or wish each saying things like “Have a good day, mate,” et al. It is so friendly, and it has a nice ring to it. The US Masterchef is all about calling bad names and proposing wild and really unnecessary arguments over the silliest of all reasons.

It is, of course, a viewer’s take as to what to see and what not to see. But it is good to have an idea about the realities hiding beneath their stories. The two shows are representations of what both countries are in reality.


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