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Whose Advice to Listen to When Shopping for Car Audio?

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If you’ve found yourself looking to update the stereo system in your car, then you’ll want to start researching before grabbing your wallet and deciding on a gear. Not everyone’s car stereo is made equally, so you’ll not only want to know exactly what you have, but also exactly what you want.

shopping for car audio

When making these big purchases, the stereo engineers or music junkies in your life will probably want to put their two cents in. Your mechanic may give you recommendations, and your mom might have something to say, too. Before you become overwhelmed with opinions, educate yourself on whose advice matters most, and more importantly, whose matters least, when it comes to your car’s audio system.

The Internet has a lot of opinions (and they’re not always right).

It’s a given to look online for opinions about any number of ailments (WebMD spiral, anyone?) or advice, but it’s definitely not the soundest. Nowadays, everyone with Wi-Fi connection and a laptop thinks their opinion is valid and important. You might end up getting some outright wrong and even weird advice.  

While forums can be great for tech issues, career advice, and even bonding with others, it isn’t great for audio experts. Keep in mind that these are faceless recommenders, and they may have a not-so-nice motive for giving wonky information.

shopping for car audio

Car audio salesmen: How much stock to take in their sale?

While car audio salespeople likely aren’t as cheesy as the used car salesperson, they are still salespeople. While they will have a lot of the technical knowledge you’ll need to make a good decision, they also have an incentive to sell you the priciest accessories.

Researching where to speak to a professional is something you can do on the Internet, as many people on Yelp and other websites can review their experiences. An audio store with high ratings is likely to give you a better outcome than just any store that’s nearby. Getting the overpriced gear, or even worse, the faulty gear, will be a worse scenario than the one you started with.

Ask a professional you know.

If you know a sound engineer or an audio tech who would be able to talk to you about what you want, can afford, and what would be best for your car’s sound, then ask them! You’d be surprised at how useful they can be in helping you decide how to reconfigure your car’s sound. They might even geek out on it! The best way to get any significant help is by asking who you know. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a friend of a friend, it never hurts to check.

Get ready for a whole new sound!

After you’ve found the best advice you can, it’s time to listen to your heart – it knows what it wants. Transforming your car’s sound will make long road trips and any commuting you do infinitely better. Just don’t turn it up too loud.

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