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Why Austin is the Best City for Music Lovers

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austinJust about anywhere you go in Austin, you are bound to hear some honky tonk (or see one). Honky tonk, being both the establishment and the type of music playing in the establishment, it is what they are most well known for but the music scene is evolving fast in Austin, Texas. From concerts to clubs and bars, the live entertainment scenes in Austin is one of the best in the United States, especially for country lovers. No matter where you end up, odds are they will have a live performer for your enjoyment.  Here are just a few reasons why Austin is the best city for music lovers.

Hot Spots to Dine

Austin is filled with talented musicians just looking for somewhere to play and people to listen to them. A number of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, or other spots to grab some food host live music regularly to introduce talented musicians to the public and entertain guests. Whether you are enjoying your morning coffee or sitting down for some tacos at dinner with your family, you can find a spot that will offer some live music as well.  After all, everything’s better with music!

Museums and History

Going back to music’s original roots, you can find everything you want to know, see, or hear regarding the Texas music scene at the Texas Music Museum in Austin. With artifacts dating back to the early days of the Austin music scene, this museum is filled with pieces and information that are sure to impress and intrigue any music lover. Not only do they give you a background and educate you on the music scene in Austin, but they also offer live entertainment and shows quite often. The main event at the Texas Music Museum, happening in September, is a large international music festival bringing in performances from all over for your enjoyment.

Discovering the Secrets

Austin is filled with hidden, low key bars that are hot music spots where you will be submerged in their musical culture. These Austin properties are locals favorite spots to hangout and for good reason! Feel like one of the locals and stop by the Saxon Pub where they have multiple  live musicians perform every night. Another hot spot around Austin is the Hole In The Wall, a college favorite hosting concerts and shows for all of the students at the University of Texas to enjoy every weekend.  

Music Shops

Austin has more locally-owned music shops than just about any other city in the United States. Not only are you able to shop and support local businesses, but these stores also provide live entertainment and shows all the time. Whether you’re looking for a new record or want to take up lessons to learn a new instrument, these music shops are second to none.  At these shops, music meets art and you’re really able to see just how talented the people of Austin truly are.


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