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Why Cloud Gaming Services are the future of the Gaming Industry

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What are some of the things that have locked you out of gaming? Or have you ever come across an awesome game only to realize that your gaming machine cannot support it? Some games are resource-intensive and can only be played via expensive gaming machines. 

The Portuguese gaming industry is changing, and the need for expensive gaming devices will be a thing of the past. Cloud gaming is replacing the need for costly and high-end gaming machines. 

Is cloud gaming the future? We linked up with our gaming expert Victoria Oliveira (you can check her profile), who took us through this topic in depth. The following were some of the lessons.

Why Cloud Gaming Services are the future of the Gaming Industry 1

Cloud gaming explained 

What is cloud gaming? That is the first question that comes to your mind. It is a modern technology that allows gamers to stream and play favourite games directly from the cloud instead of specific hardware or a gaming device. 

The technology is reliant on high-end remote hardware that is hosted on remote servers. This allows players to stream the games on peak settings and in real-time. The controls are usually synched so that there is low latency from the time you input the command and when you get results. 

How will cloud technology change gaming?

Lowered costs 

Gaming devices can be damn expensive. Most of the video games you see out there cannot be supported on your personal computer at home. Thus, gamers are forced to dig deeper into the pockets to buy gaming machines with high processing speeds and large drives. 

Cloud technology eliminates the need for investing in expensive devices as everything will be hosted on the cloud. You do not have to worry that your devices will be obsolete as you do not need to upgrade your gaming devices. All that the game providers need to do is upgrade their systems, and the gamers will enjoy a new experience. 

Variety of games

Have you ever found yourself deleting some games simply because you have seen a new one you need to download? It happens all the time when you have a gaming device with limited space. Cloud gaming eliminates such inconveniences as you no longer need to download the games. 

The Portuguese online casino space is utilizing cloud technology to avail various games to users. You thus do not need to download the games you find at reputable online casinos reviewed at as cloud technology takes care of everything. Thus it means that you can switch from one game to the next with ease. 

Raises compatibility 

If you have ever come across an awesome game but could not play it on your device, you understand why compatibility matters. You may even find yourself buying multiple devices to cater for different games, which is somehow expensive. 

Cloud gaming makes it possible to play high-end games on low-end devices. This technology eliminates the barriers brought about by graphics capacity, memory storage and processing power. It also makes it easy to play games across different devices and operating systems. 


Online security has always been an issue when people are using the internet. The good news with cloud gaming is that data is stored on secure servers. Gamers no longer have to store their data locally. There are thus no worries that the data might land in the hands of hackers or unauthorized persons. 

Real-time support 

Cases of games crushing are common in a typical gaming environment. Cloud companies have support systems that are ready to tackle challenges as they arise. The support group also helps in retrieving data and migrating from one platform to the next. 

Reduces games pirating 

Cases of game mods and pirating are very common in the modern world. Game developers end up suffering huge losses. The players are also exposed to games that are not secure. Cloud gaming makes it easy to track games’ distribution and ensure that only genuine copies are in circulation. 

You can comfortably now answer questions such as how does cloud gaming work in Portugal and how it will impact the gaming space. This technology has loads of potential and will transform the gaming sector when combined with others such as 5G technology, AI, VR and AR. 

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