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Why Co-Education is Better?

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Education in India has always been on the debate regarding the set up based on gender. Co-educational style refers to one where girls and boys are taught together in the same class room. Co-educational set up is very common in foreign countries but is still on the debate in India. Debates on such topics show the gender sensitivity still prevalent in the country. But our country neither has enough infrastructure nor enough trained faculties to allow separate institutions for boys and girls. Co-education is also better for the students as they grow out to be better citizens and can easily work in a mixed environment.

Allows healthy competition:

When you study in a co-ed environment, you tend to generate a spirit of competitiveness as there is always a tendency to perform better than the opposite sex students. This mental rivalry is healthy as it improves the overall performance and keeps up the spirit to work even harder.


Generates self-confidence:

Girls and boys develop some shyness in the presence of opposite sex, but if they study together from the very beginning, they will turn out to be as comfortable with another gender as among themselves. It helps in laying the foundation of better communication and social skills in the students.


Builds Mutual Understanding:

When males and females study together, they also start understanding the opposite sex, and this generates a sense of respect for them which helps them to work together and creates a mixed environment. This will even help solve many gender-related issues as it will help building in strong bonds of understanding.


Controlled Environment:

While studying with the opposite sex, you also learn how to behave decently and about the limits you should maintain with opposite sex. It helps you learn the sense of how to carry yourself and to make yourself presentable enough. It also helps you deal with any award situation without putting down your morale.

Allows overall development:

When you study in the co-ed setup you not only read the text books and study that but you also learn about the appropriate human behavior, decency, working in the competitive World, removes away your shyness and make you ready to face the World with crores of people of different types. So it leads to your complete social and mental development.


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