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Why Drop Shipping Might be the Perfect Solution for Your Business

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Have you recently been bitten by the digital retail “bug”? Perhaps you already possess a website and you are hoping to earn a bit of extra liquidity by selling a product to your followers. These situations are actually much more common than you may think. In fact, it is estimated that an incredible 140,000 new portals are launched every day. Of course, not all of these involve retail sales.

When referring to those which are centered around the e-commerce sector, only a small percentage will achieve success from a long-term point of view. One of the most common reasons why a budding retail website fails to meet its mark involves the rather complicated process of shipping items to customers. Let’s first take a look at some hurdles that the average seller will have to face before discussing a cutting-edge alternative that is set to make waves in 2019. 

Traditional Shipping Methods: Daunting Digital Dilemmas 

Many online retailers throughout the United States are concerned with a single “bottom line”: the almighty dollar. The irony is that they often bite off more than they can chew. Increased sales and revenue generation directly equate to more complicated logistical issues. Some of the questions which have served to stump even the most experienced retailers include: 

  • How can I deal with bulk shipping requirements?
  • How will I be able to physically stock a significant amount of inventory?
  • Will I have to rent a separate storage facility?
  • Can I understand international shipping concerns?
  • When will exchange rates come into play?

These are the very same queries which cause large and well-established businesses to hire professional shipping consultants. However, the chances are high that you do not possess the capital to enjoy such a luxury. 

The other major concern with traditional online shipping methods is how you will be able to retain a loyal customer base when you are constantly forced to deal with logistical issues. You could suddenly find that major areas such a marketing and product research have bee neglected; resulting in poor customer reviews and a lower return on investment (ROI). 

It seems as if your enterprise has reached a bottleneck. After all, there are only so many hours in the day to try and tackle multiple metrics at the same time. Is there any way that you will be able to reduce the pressure associated with common logistics so that you can return your focus to core business concerns? You might be surprised to learn the interesting answer to this question. 

Why Drop Shipping Might be the Perfect Solution for Your Business 1

Drop Shipping: The Savior of Small Businesses Throughout the United States 

In order to understand how to start dropshipping to clients, we first need to understand what the concept entails. Drop shipping involves the use of a separate third-party supplier. This supplier will take care of all major logistics such as exchange rates, product prices, bulk discounts, and (as you have already guessed), the shipping logistics themselves. 

This turnkey solution essentially alleviates all of the concerns mentioned within the previous section. Another very important point to mention is that drop shippers will often deal with bulk manufacturers. It is therefore quite realistic that you may be able to offer your clients lower prices when compared to those associated with the open market. This is an obvious advantage if you are looking to conquer a competitive sales environment. 

Efficiency is another massive windfall for two major reasons: 

  • Drop shipping firms are solely concerned with logistics; offering a superior sense of reliability.
  • You can focus upon other core areas of your business.

Let’s also not fail to mention that you will no longer require complicated and potentially expensive inventory storage solutions. The money that can be saved will therefore be channelled directly back into your organization. 

Is drop shipping for everyone? The clear answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. While specifically designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, larger firms can just as effectively leverage the associated benefits. These systems are easy to implement within any existing e-commerce platform, so you will not have to worry about issues such as downtime. The website can remain up and running even as the transition takes place; providing your clients with a seamless overall experience. As should be imagined, the best drop shipping platforms such as those offered by Oberlo are able to work in synergy with all devices and operating systems. 

Every journey begins with the first step and the modern world of online retail is no different. If you have been looking for a turnkey solution that can solve the majority of your logistical concerns, drop shipping should be taken quite seriously. It is wise to perform additional research in order to find the best solutions for your business.

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