Why Food Comforts You?

Why Food Comforts You? 1

Food has always been a part of everyone’s  life, and one receives various types of comforts and satisfaction by having food. Our food needs, quantity, variety, etc. depends largely on our mood. Food is a social urge and provides sentimental values to its consumer.

Fills Your Appetite

The main quality of food is to get rid of hunger and to make you content. This is the most important feature of food since ever. Eating food gives you energy, keep you healthy, helps develop stamina and energy and is thus an indispensable part of the life of every living being.

Boost your mood:

When you are low, having some tasty dishes makes you feel better. Having stuff like chocolates, chips or ice-creams can help you in boosting up your mood. Such foods which one eats out of emotional reasons rather than to satisfy hunger turn out to be the reasons for obesity and eating disorders. Food helps in relieving negative psychological factors and stimulates the positive feelings. So food plays a major role in mood alteration.

Best way to enjoy:

Generally, on any good occasion, you prefer holding up a feast, a gala dinner, etc. This happens because food does not only connect to our negative sentiments but also to positive feelings. Food is a good way to enjoy with our near and dear ones. Various studies reveal that where women are more responsive towards consumption of fatty foods during negative feelings, men are more triggered to such foods when they are happy and relaxed.

A symbol of love:

Sharing meals, giving and receiving food open up our hearts and bring us closer. Food is also a very common way of expressing our love for each other. Food is, in fact, the most important thing a mother gives her child; it is the part of her body and according to various studies mother’s milk is the purest and healthiest food for the infants. Food is an expression of altruism Heather it is from wife to husband, parents to children, to visitors, guests or anyone. Foods are not only the symbol but also a reality of love.

Keeps you Balanced:

To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, you need to balance up your food and your eating habits. The emotional eating turns out to bad for health, and one should eat only when there is an inner urge arising out of hunger. To stay fit one has to focus on psychological factors as they affect are eating habits and thus our health. The body needs fuel, but the fuel should be balanced in right amounts. A balanced food helps you live a balanced life.

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