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7 Reasons Why Goa Is The Best Youth Destination For Vacations

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Any travelling trip with your buddies helps you have new experiences and create everlasting memories. It helps in nurturing old bonds and build new ones. It helps you to develop a new perspective in your relationships, and you learn to live in the moment.
Exploring and travelling are some common options that top the “twenties to-do list” and Goa undoubtedly is the first choice that pops in every Indian youngster’s mind. A trip to Goa is definitely a plan that every squad makes.
So, here are a few reasons why Goa is the ultimate holiday destination for Indian youngsters:
Life in Goa is easygoing: Goans are peaceful and contented. The environment of Goa is relaxed and hospitable. Goans are said to have a ‘susegad’ attitude, which means enjoyment of life to the fullest with satisfaction. As youngsters are known to have a carefree attitude, Goa proves to be an ideal holiday destination. A place away from bustling life of overcrowded cities, a place where you can sit and enjoy without worrying – isn’t it what we all long for?
Natural scenic beauty: Goa boasts of swaying palm trees, lush green surroundings, white sand beaches, swift rivers, cashew plantations, towering cliffs and the calm sea. Its breathtaking views make it a perfect place to embrace Mother Nature. Goa in monsoon is the most beautiful experience for nature lovers (though tourists prefer the winter season). Its real charm and splendor is at its peak in the rainy season.
Magnificent and pristine beaches: Goan beaches are most popular in the country. There are many famous ones like Colva, Calangute, Miramar, Baga, Vagator, Anjuna and also the not famous yet splendid ones like Palolem, Betul, Arambol, etc. Some are crowded while others are secluded. Water-sport, dolphin-watching trips, beach volleyball and swimming are definitely activities you can enjoy with your friends.
Pompous festivals: Music festivals like Sunburn, Goa film festival, Carnival, New Year and Christmas celebrations make Goa an attractive and exciting destination to visit with friends.
Heart-throbbing nightlife: Many beach shacks, pubs, bars, discotheques and casinos make Goa an ideal place for party animals. Availability of cheap booze adds to the reasons for partying.
Goan cuisine: Goa is very famous for its fish, curry, rice and feni. It has fresh and delicious seafood such as prawns, crabs, pomfrets, oysters, etc. This place is a real treat for all the seafood lovers.
Goan attractions: Sightseeing can include visits to grand churches and cathedrals, beautiful temples, wildlife tours in Bondla and Netravali wildlife sanctuary, Salim Ali bird sanctuary and Bhagwan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary. Spice Village, Dona Paula, Big Foot, Anjuna Flea Market, Dudsagar waterfalls, Chapora and Aguada, and night cruises are some major attractions.
All in all, this small state has endless blend of cultures and innumerable attractions. A three-day visit or a two week tour, both can be enticing and thrilling depending on one’s interests. Goa’s atmosphere proves to be serene and relaxing in the day, and young and energetic at night. Hence, it’s perfect for any soul alive.

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