Why I Love My Friends More Than Anyone?





Yesterday I was quite lost in my thoughts- thoughts about how far I have come in my life, my journey, what makes my life so blessed. Thinking for a minute or two the word that popped up in my mind was ‘Friends’. Friendship is something that makes life worthwhile. Wikipedia says ‘Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.’ I asked myself ‘Do I agree?’ I could not find an answer there was no perfect definition of friendship for me. In fact, I do not think any of us would ever come to the same conclusion about what “friendship” is.

Friends are family.

They have always been by my side no matter what. When I was a toddler I had a friend- My mother. As I grew up My sister was my best friend. As years passed by and I stepped out of my house to get in touch with this beautiful world I met lot of people I could share my thoughts with but there were only few I could be weird with.

The ones who have stood by me in thick and thin, who acclaimed me whenever I endeavored to do something and uplifted me whenever I was in malaise. People often ask me,”Who is your best friend?” and to this I always say  I just make friends and they turn out to be the best. And why I say this is because all of them are  special to me in their own ways and it would be definitely unfair on my part If I just name any one or two. I have acquired so many qualities from all of them over the course of time.

Some taught me and I taught some. Some have taught me patience, others had this confident air of theirs that made me confident as well. Some taught me how to be calm always, (I mean 3 years and I have never seen him angry or even frowning), while some are my all time partners in crime. With some I  share my travel diaries, and then there are some who makes fun of me and annoy me to the level that I just wish to kill them if not today then tomorrow ( but LOVE stops me.. sigh!! ), Some are my  counselors as well as my late night studying mates and with  some there has been a 15 years bond and still going. Now Why I am mentioning them? Because had they not been there, there would be no ‘Me’. So I hereby take this opportunity to honor the weirdness in them ( Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota h).

The First Day

First day of school and I was scared to death. It was as if I am alone in this world but then this girl Neha came to my rescue. Her sight is reminiscent of my childhood. Then I have my bro Kirti. We met in fourth standard and this crazy monster used to punch people a lot (  I have been a victim too). But, now she is all grown up girl and she is love.  Tenth class and we moved apart I went to a different school. I was not in touch with both of them. A new bunch was waiting for me.I was warmly welcomed. Two years and hell lot of friends were made but no bond as great as theirs could ever be formed. School life ended and college awaited for us. Destiny had it all together for us and we landed in the same college (Boom). God knows whom do we need and whom not.

True enough. College life begin. It turned out to be even more sublime then I thought it would be. I met so many people whom I can proudly call ‘My people’. who I know would never turn their back on me. Harsh ( the debator- the constant support). Had he not been there my stupidity would never have attained such heights ( Kudos bro).

Nidhi ( my innocent baby- walking on the ramp, raising the oomph factor). Nidhi dhyani ( My motivator, cheering me up since eternity , my study partner). I do not know if I would have passed my exams if she was not there. Atul (cracking jokes on time every time, the mood lifter :P). Vishal(the nice guy, helping one) .And the list does not just end here it goes on and on and on…



I cherish every single moment I spend with them. They have given me a lifetime of memories.My birthdays would have been incomplete without them and there would have been no surprises even.They have seen me at my worst and still choose to love me each day, everyday and they are my family that I have chosen for myself. They are the most reliable bunch I have. Friends are the one who understands us even when no one else does. They are the one you can always count on. They do not judge you , rate you, lower your esteem . You can be totally yourself only when they are around. They always come to your rescue (Ps- cooking stories to save you from anyone and everyone) . You tell your best friend that this XYZ person is the reason you are crying. And the next day you will be sitting there thinking of ways to hide the dead body ( Alas! XYZ is no more). You can  do all sort of disgusting things with them. Words are not needed to communicate with them, expressions are enough or the alien language that friends use to communicate They are the one you can always torture whenever you get those random ideas about being a musician or an actor or how about a painter ( wohha.. Evil grin. You choose me buddy. Now live with the consequences).They give you shoulder to cry ( of course the tissues too). They are the one you can laugh like a hyena with. You beat them once and they will choke you to death (but, will take you to hospital too).  (Ps- the above statements are subject to personal experience). I can’t imagine a day without them. On the days of result (the doomsday) when all our so called relatives are busy showing unusual interest in our life (only to let us down), our friends are busy cheering us up or abusing us if we score good, when we said we would fail .  So this one is for all my friends who turned me into a more mature person and the person I am today. Treasure they are.



It’s the final year of college and I do not know what life has in store for us after these few months. I do not know where we all will be, whether we would be meeting or communicating on regular basis or not. But, One thing I know for sure wherever we may be we will always keep our memories alive. We will always remember the golden rule of friendship that ” We are all in this together.” For boyfriends and girlfriends change but friends do not. They are meant to stay,if not in our lives then certainly in our hearts forever. Friendship never dies. It has been said ” Soulmates can even be found in a friendship.” Indeed. I did find my soulmates.

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A graduation student (Mathematics). 18.  A strong believer of the fact that there is nothing truly artistic than loving people.Writing often expresses what we can not. What food is to body writing is to soul. The idea is to spit out whatever words come to the mouth .There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy but, we do not need reasons to be happy we must be happy anyway.So stay happy, stay connected not just to the world but to yourself and your dreams.




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