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Why is Creativity Important? 10 Ultimate Reasons

Russian dancer Anna Nikulina (as 'Odette-Odile') and others during Act I in the Bolshoi Ballet production of 'Swan Lake' (by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikvosky and choreographed by Yuri Grigorovich) during the Lincoln Center Festival at the Lincoln Center's David H Koch Theater, New York, New York, July 15, 2014. (Photo by Linda Vartoogian/Getty Images)

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You must have heard a million times, be creative or do something creative – But why is creativity important? How does it encourage our action and everything that we do? How is creativity beneficial to our growth and well-being?

So, here is a list of the top 10 reasons talking about why creativity is important. Keep reading to know more about the significance of creativity.

1. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Helps Us to Solve Problems

Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899 – 1961)

When we are stuck with a problem and search for a solution, our minds will think about all those times when we were stuck with something major and try to use the same remedy for every situation we face, or perhaps, we will seek support from others, the people who we trust or hero-worship. But what makes us creative and different from others is simply our mindset and perspective about each thing, which is different from others. Creativity helps us think out of the box and, hence, helps in problem-solving, no matter what the situation is.

2. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Gives Us A Sense of Motivation

Figures with Sunset

Ever wondered how creativity is an excellent mood booster? The times when you feel helpless or distraught about different things, try to perform something creative. It will be, of course, tough and almost impossible to get your head out of something major you are worried about and switch to do something creative.

But if you try drawing, dancing, cooking, or anything that you prefer doing and you feel confident about, and it will easily lessen the feeling of distraughtness. Your mind will stop worrying about failure, demotivation, or something that was bothering you and you will feel motivated again.

3. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Helps Us to Look At The Bigger Picture

“Barbe-Bleue” (Bluebeard), directed by Laurent Pelly

Creativity always helps us think out of the box and naturally look at the bigger and better picture of life. You could see the consequences and results of your choices and decisions beforehand.

When you are a creative being, you think and look at everything more deeply. Your mind is always observing and thinking, which is the cause of you being able to look at the bigger picture in life.

4. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Relieves Stress

Artist Princess Tarinan von Anhalt

According to few types of studies, creativity can function as a stress reliever. Creativity works and helps us combat a major disorder, stress.

We all are running behind the American Dream. We are all quite materialistic; we need massive monetary support and become self-sufficient and the most efficient.

Students and teenagers are trying hard to study and score as best as possible to get a good university and then a secure job. The adult and middle-aged beings are trying hard to spend less, take care of the needs and not the wants, and then save as much as possible for their children and their future.

All of this hard work and concerns come with a huge amount of stress, but creativity can help us eliminate this stress. If we manage to take time out to do things that we once considered our favorite hobbies, we will realize that we are not as stressed as before.

The sense of failure and identity crisis vanishes with a little creative work of art.

5. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Provides A  Sense of Productivity

A young Parisian composes a love letter.

Creative intellects are famous for thinking and, most of the time, over-thinking.

Creative people like to stay in their cottage of reasoning. It’s like they are solving mathematical problems, answering some self-raised philosophical issues, or trying to create a criminal plot for an Agatha Christie novel. Creative people seek answers, questions, impressions, and views from the world. They are incredible observers.

It’s not easy to think differently and keeping individuality alive in this race of billions, but creative people always stand out with their way of thinking and productivity.

Performing bits and pieces of creative work can provide an immense sense of productivity.

6. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Brings People Together

Rachael Lloyd as the character Selene and Claire Booth playing the character of Berenice

Our creativity, mind, individuality, and way of thinking are secluded and personal. But creativity in its various fields has its own community. Suppose you are learning music, or you have joined art classes, you are learning with creative people like you, under one roof with one teacher.

Another instance can be you getting selected as a dancer to perform with a group, for a show that will happen in your school. You are doing a group project on one of the most creative art existing, dance. You get to share your thoughts on moves and steps with people who have their creative processes and ways to judge things.

In this way, every creative field has its community.

7. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Boosts Our Self- Esteem

Lorenzo Quinn’s “Building Bridges”

Creativity relieves our stress, keeps us motivated, and helps us look at the bigger picture- What more could boost our self-esteem?

Performing anything that we enjoy or we are confident about inevitably increases our sense of self-esteem. Be it dancing, cooking, singing, writing, or painting, we all feel motivated and confident when we do things that we love doing, not imposed upon us. Creativity helps us to seek the sonder and bring out a good observer and creator residing within us.

When we stop thinking and judging ourselves and our every action and start noticing the world, the people, and the sufferings, we feel the need for art and words, and we create things. We write we paint, we read, and we increase our knowledge and self-esteem.

8. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Helps Us To Have a Longer Life

Banksy art

Were you familiar with the fact that being creative can help us live longer?

Alike all exercises, the exercise of the brain helps us with staying healthy, so it helps us with living for a longer period than that of lesser creative heads.

9. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Provides Clarity of Emotions and Thoughts

Hands of Paul Valery

Our mind is the most chaotic place in the world. If we have any question, answer, perspective, over-thinking, anxiety, retrospection, introspection, we will get all of it in our head. No wonder Sylvia Plath compared the self with prison.

The dependent and independent, the patriarchal and the radical, it’s all in our mind. Only we can decide our limitations and extremes.

We examine more, which enables us to realize more. With a lot of knowledge comes many questions and curiosities, but it helps us dwell upon and introspect our thoughts, views, and emotions. Dancing gives us a feeling of lightness, and reading provides us a sense of enlightenment; with all our creativity, we provide clarity and satiating our mind.

10. Why is Creativity Important? – Creativity Lets Us Express Our Feelings

Andy Warhol entitled ‘Marilyn 1967.’

Creativity is a synonym of innovation, originality, vision, artistry, and more.

There is zero restriction or limitation regarding the way you want to move your footsteps while dancing. There is no restriction about what you want to paint, how you want to paint or sketch or the color you want to choose, or even the brush strokes. There is no limitation about what you want to write.

You can write about objective and subjective. You have absolute freedom when it comes to art, creativity, and innovation.

Creativity exercises our minds to see the world, everyone, and everything in our way. It helps us by decision-making, relieving our daily stress, which helps us live longer, clarifies our feelings and thoughts, forms community, increases self-confidence, motivation, productivity, and, most importantly, lets us express ourselves.

Nothing else other than creativity and art will allow us to express ourselves. It is up to us how we want to express our feeling and thoughts, how much we want to depict, and how much we want to keep secluded. But, we can always express our feelings through words, a single painting, a dance form, and more.

How do you think creativity assists us? What is the role of art and creativity in your life? Does being creative help you with being productive and relieving stress?

Let us know in the comment section. – WHY IS CREATIVITY IMPORTANT?

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