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Why Is Entertainment Essential in Today’s Classrooms?


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Nowadays, a teaching method that combines education and entertainment has steadily been gaining popularity. However, the teaching method known as edutainment has not been adequately accepted by every teacher on the planet. This is due to the following reasons; traditionally, entertainment has always been viewed as a form of relaxation/wasting time.

On the other hand, education is the primary process that top-notch skills and behavioral patterns are impacted on the upcoming generation. This means that it is through education that society gets to create competent and productive members. Therefore, some feel that the combination of these two disciplines cannot have a positive outcome.

This blog will highlight some of the benefits of including entertainment as the teaching process continues. The main point here is to show why edutainment is beneficial and should be wholly implemented in the education sector. Some of the advantages of entertainment in education include.

Development of Digital Skills

To properly implement entertainment in the classroom, the teacher utilizes songs and games and uses digital media such as video games, movies, and computers. Therefore, the students get to learn what is included in their usual curriculum and learn how to operate these digital devices simultaneously.

As the world gets digitized, it means that one has to possess digital skills if they are to excel in the business world after school. Therefore, edutainment enhances everyday learning and allows students to acquire additional skills such as digital skills.

It is essential to point out that technology is a very crucial educational tool. It allows students to easily acquire reading materials and other learning tools that make their studying much more manageable. Furthermore, where a student gets stuck, they can quickly obtain expert assistance via the internet.

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Eliminating Boredom

When it comes to learning, education is usually conducted through lectures. This means that our education system is centered on providing students with theories as the primary teaching method. Theoretical learning, in turn, plays the role of making the lectures stale and boring as the students find it hard to relate to the subject matter of the lesson.

Where the students find the lectures uninteresting, they are more likely to zone off and stop listening to the teacher. It makes the teachers’ efforts futile as no learning occurs when the students ignore them.

This is where entertainment comes to save the day. Where fun activities are intertwined with the teaching process, the monotonous nature of lectures is eliminated, making the lesson more interesting. This helps the students learn better and gets them eager to attend the next class, which allows the education sector to achieve its goal.

Creativity Boosts

Where the teacher uses games as part of the teaching process, they get to improve the students’ creative capabilities significantly. This is due to one reason; games usually involve thinking critically to overcome specific challenges. Therefore, as the students try and overcome these challenges, they must develop ingenious methods for doing so. This helps boost their imagination and creativity, which aids them when it comes to examinations too.

Proper Interaction Among the Students

Games require students to work in tandem with one another to achieve a given goal. Therefore, with edutainment, students are given a chance to work together in a fun manner as the learning process continues. This helps them create strong friendship bonds. Having friends is very important. It helps makes school a fun place to be. It also reduces cases of depression in students as they have a solid social support structure in their friends.

Furthermore, games also help develop friendly competition among students as they compete against one another. It is no secret that kids can be overly competitive. Therefore, providing them with a safe and fun place to exercise this extremely competitive trait is a good way of ensuring that healthy competition occurs, which is another advantage of edutainment.

Based on numerous studies that have been held on the implementation of edutainment in the education setting, there are clear indicators that the system works. Even though, like everything else on earth, the system has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of edutainment far out way its shortcomings.

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