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8 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Useless

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Are you one of those who always wonder about the fruitfulness of having a valentine’s day? Let’s find out why so many people think it is absolutely useless!

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Do you know who is behind this huge celebration of Valentine’s day? Catholic Church confesses that they have three saints with Valentine’s name, and one of these three is the reason behind this day – and none of them had a romantic life, or a peaceful death.

First, priest St. Valentine served during the third century under the Emperor Claudius II of Rome. During this ancient roman time, he passed a law that men should not be married or have a family because he believed that single men are more capable than married men for fights. St. Valentine went against the emperor and married people secretly. Hence, he was killed by Claudius II.

The stories say, that the other Valentine helped the Christian population against the inhuman treatment, they received from Roman people. That’s why he got killed.

The Most Believed Story of Valentines’ Day!

This is the most popular story, according to which, the great Valentine wrote a love letter to his beloved while he was sentenced to jail. It is believed that the girl was the daughter of his jailer. He signed the letter with “Your Valentine,” and now this is the worldwide used phrase by couples to show their love.

The story of Valentine is somehow dark and deadly. It is believed that Saint Valentine of Terni was put to death. It was Pope Gelasius who established the Feast of St. Valentine’s on 14th February.

But, William Shakespeare and Chaucer, the two most well-known writers of all time, have a significant impact on this worldwide celebration of Valentine’s day. They beautifully romanticized love and Valentine’s day in their writings.

However, Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th-century poem titled ‘The Parliament of Fowls’ was the earliest to suggest about Valentine’s day as a day for lovers. It suggests that St Valentines Day is the apt day of the mating season when birds come to make a choice of their mates.

With the time passing by, the rich tradition of showing love to their loved ones started to spread all across the globe, from Britain to entire Europe.

What Is It About?

The color red, cupids, red roses, red heart-shaped balloons, giant stuffed bears, cards with promises printed all over them, cakes, candies, pretty faces with blush and cute decorations on every corner at your sight! That’s what the month of February looks like! Everyone in the United States or across the globe celebrate it.

With the 14th February being the grand day of all, some secret lovers gather the courage to confess their love to their beloved. While, some couples take this February 14 as an opportunity, to take a break from their monotonous life and cheer up in the name of love. The day brings up the lost spark of love for many and brings up the new spark of love for others.

Honestly, the celebration of love, the innovative ways of confession, the lighting, and glitters everywhere were supposed to be aesthetically beautiful and romantic. But, Shakespeare or Chaucer never knew, that one day the idea of giving a day full of extra love and attention, would be a great business for the world.

Here, are a few reasons why Valentine’s day is useless:

1. It’s All About Business

It’s just that time of the year when gift shops make the most money. It began in the 19th century when the factories started to produce cards for Valentine’s day. Slowly, the cards with hallmarks gained control all over the market. Valentine’s day lost it’s true meaning ever since then.

Buying an expensive Valentine card with hallmarks is the tradition of celebrating the precious day of love. Gift shops make so much extra money by selling cards with all the vows already printed on them. One need not make an effort to write even a short note for their beloved, so they decide to buy promises.

Ah! How romantic that is. It is tough to find true love. Stop browsing and start making efforts.

2. Why Just Valentine’s Day?

The way some people suddenly turn into great romantics of all times, after being the most unlovable kind of person for an entire year is obscure. From where did these people get all this love for one day? A question to ponder over is that who started renting this? We know markets are capable enough to sell anything, and people are capable enough to buy all that.

So, basically, the notion here is that one does not need a particular day, just because it’s trendy to showcase your love on that very day. If a person truly loves someone, they need to make their partner feel this every day and in every possible way. The little acts of love that one shows every day means more than showering all of it together on one day.

Check this out to know easy ways to make a woman feel happy!

3. Single People Feel Lonelier Than Ever!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is useless,” and these are the emotions of most people who do not have dates during Valentine’s day. They usually feel lonely when all their friends are busy with their partners and dump them instead. But, they somehow manage to act neutral the entire time until it’s Valentine’s day again. They see that they are the only people who are still getting coffee for one, and all the ugly people around them have dates (that’s what they think).

Then, the real pain strikes them when they see the kid in their area, coming towards them, to get the name of their partner written on the giant greeting cards that they bought for Valentine’s day. These people feel like every single thing can turn them down during these days.

4. Online Buzz

Valentine's Day

A person loves someone, that’s good! People should appreciate it because not everyone is lucky enough to feel that way.

But for some couples, love is not in the air; instead, it’s on their screens. They keep updating and posting about their love life on social media. Maybe, they should know that not everyone in their profile is interested in knowing what they wore, ate, or bought or how much they spent on this Valentine’s day.

Stop updating everyone with every useless detail. Stop popping up on others’ feeds with your Valentine’s day celebrations posts.

5. Dead Romance

Where are all the old school lovers? The ones we always read about in books and always fancied to have a tale like them! Why is romance so dead these days?

Some people are always fantasized by the idea of true love and remain single. That’s because people have lost their ways of celebrating love.

The classic love stories have always been some of our inspiration, and they are truly elite. These classic lovers are the gifts that one could ever wish for if they genuinely need love. These set of people appreciate letters, handwritten notes, quality talk about literature and life.

People can show their love by doing what they are good at. Like, bake for your lover, sing for them or maybe create a playlist for them. These small, yet significant notions mean a lot to people in love.

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6. Overcrowded Places

Valentine's Day

Okay, apart from all the craps people do on every Valentine’s day, there is this one thing, in particular, that totally freaks some people out. Hello! Some people don’t have a date for Valentine’s day!

Yes, some of them didn’t have one the previous year either. But, so what? Can’t people without dates give themselves a little treat?

All the people with dates don’t let single people do that. People usually preoccupy all the seats in every restaurant, cafes, or anywhere as it is the feast day. Some are left alone at home with a to-do list on one side and some leftovers snacks on the other hand, with a rom-com movie on the laptop’s screen, being played for the fifth time.

7. All the Useless Gifts That You Buy!

Stop buying all those useless gifts for Valentine’s day. They do not hold any emotions. Just because someone saved money all this while, doesn’t mean that now they have to give it to an expensive gift shop in exchange for something with a small hallmark sign on it somewhere. If a person is a brand freak, they can shop something that their partner could actually use.

Don’t make it a business deal. One should never go for anything with a hallmark sign on it.

8. Part-time Lovers

Valentine's Day

Just to make it clear, everyone who is against the idea of Valentine’s day, is not jealous of anyone who celebrates Valentine’s day. Some just don’t appreciate everyone celebrating it. Like, if anyone’s parents or in that case any genuine couple celebrates this day, it gives us real pleasure to see those two persons, happy with one other. They are such two persons, who have struggled enough to stick around each other and actually mean every word written on the Valentine Day cards or the cakes they are sharing.

Everyone adores those couples. But, not every couple who is celebrating romantic love on the name of Valentine’s day is actually in love. Such a couple knows that this is just a matter of time, and the next year they would be cutting cakes with someone else. This ruins the entire aesthetics of love.

Be real about feelings. Everyone knows when they actually love someone and also when they are not sure about their current partners. Casual dating is no sin. But, casual dating doesn’t mean faking one’s feelings.

You should keep it real. Do not make false promises. Also, don’t forget to check about Valentine’s Day Business!



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