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Why Is Majority Of India’s Youth Fascinated About Live-in Relationships!

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In a society like ours, marriage sets the benchmark for a successful livelihood where you are deemed to share all your concerns and bounty of joy and sorrows with an individual for the rest of your life. A relationship bound with strings and documents that then further plays a major role in every decision you take in life, there on.

Marriage-720x450Marriage concerns human relationships since times immemorial in the most fragile manner and is beautiful nonetheless. Over centuries, marriages have been celebrated, practiced and obliged to in India as one of the most holistic rituals.

However, during the past few decades, priorities have changed along with the generation that is now bent on experimenting with their freedom of choice. The youth of today wishes to indulge in connection without compromising for them, which further brings in the new introduced system of live in relationships.

adobechoicThere has been a constant tug and pull war regarding the belly full issue of live in relationships in the Indian society. Here ethics and aesthetics are engrossed in a battle with a set of coded morality, sometimes on the same side of the drawn path. The perceived stigma of the idea being corrupt to the Indian values is grunted and jeered over in a society that lives in a hideout from reality. We, as the people of a country that values a certain decorum of lifestyle hunkered down by a handful of flourished minority centuries back now find it hard to digest the coming of age in terms of preferred choices on how to lead one’s personal life.

The discussion is divided among supporters and accusers who blame modernization and western civilization for the hubbub created in their otherwise monotonous and already marked ways to lead a lifestyle. Since a few years there have been an uprising regarding the various causes why live in relationships must not be entertained as well as criminalized.


The idea of live in relationships endorses the freedom individuals in the new world seek without a callous documentation of their private lives.

To understand the argument, we need to dive in the reasons of why the new wind of live in relationships is preferred over institutional marriages.

  • Live-in relationships provide the ease of not compromising. People who enter in live in relationships should however acknowledge these terms before hand rather than being grumpy about later on.
  • Live-in relationships provide equality of freedom. You are not bound to answer the other partner for your preferences. You can chose to live together for as long as you want with each other, since it has been pre decided from a practical view point. The idea of preferring live in relationships bring in your consciousness the fact that you may depart later due to inevitable reasons. This eludes the utopic illusions of togetherness in a world running so fast.
  • You are unanswerable to your partner more often than not. There are less arguments because, well pre decided. (yeepii)
  • Responsibility comes with sympathy and adoration and not with guilt or force as in institutionalized marriages, which makes it smooth and easy to cope with. In a society like ours, no matter how hard you try the stigma that women are bound to do a certain of household work will not be established so easily. Live-in relationships provide the ease of equal division of running errands where no forced outside relation gets to question you. Your part of the work will solely be yours and thus less hassle for your partner as well.


  • Live-in relationships are the best sorted ways to judge your compatibility of being together for a more provincial term. To understand each other and bring in affection minus the rut of a tenuous life. It’s always better to check the level of annoyance one may create in your life rather than lamenting over it later.
  • Live-in relationships guarantee financial freedom for both the individuals with no need to disclose your discreet choices of expenditure to the other. You get to share the basic amenities required to run a guilt free live-able environment.

In the end, if nothing goes well and people have to depart; there is less paper work over divorce. No separation trials and regular visits to the counselor. *breathe*. So it’s quite acceptable to chuck those age old norms that regulate and tighten the festoon of duties around us.



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