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Why Men Need Women In Their Lives? 10 Amazing Reasons


It has been ages that we all know that men and women are always their counterparts. Adam and Eve were the epitomai of the human race. And that’s how they need men and women for each other.

Although times have changed, even today, the woman still holds a strong position in their life for a straight man.

 Whether it’s a man or a woman, birth only happens from a woman’s womb. So, a man needs a woman from day one of their birth. A mother, a sister, a girlfriend, a wife, a daughter, a female colleague is what sums up a man’s life. 

Society always stereotyped the need of a woman in a man’s life. It is a patriarchal society; hence, the men decide why they need women in their lives. For ages, women are categorized to be a homemaker, as if they are born to serve a man, think only about their well-being because men are bread earners. 

It was engraved in men’s minds that they are dependent on women in household activities and family life. Similarly, it was engraved in the mind of a woman that your life will only be purposeful if you take care of the “man of the house,” household chores, family, and children.

The worth of women was never acknowledged beyond household activities. Even in household activities, their 24 hours work cycle with no pay, no holiday goes unnoticed. Generation after generation, it was fed in the mentalities of both men and women. That is why even men think that this is why men need women in their lives.

Our mothers taught us to be gentle, compromising, and adjusting with the man of her life. At the same time, our sons grew up seeing their fathers controlling the life of a woman. Hence, this mentality passed from one generation to another. 

Why Men Need Women In their lives is a controversial question that still needs an unbiased answer.Coming to the modern generation with their modern lifestyle, things are changing at a rapid pace. Now, men have realized the need for women in different aspects of life. 

Women of today also understand their real worth in life. They, too, do not believe that their sole purpose is to serve a man’s life. They are more than this, and if they want, they can win over the entire world. They are so independent in their thoughts and lives that they manage a good home and rock outside the home as a girl boss. 

Have you ever thought about why women are not dependent on men in most cases? Well, this is due to the female genes that give them this power. Standing in the year 2021, life has changed so much. Women are rising and shining in every sphere of life.

Thank God, men of today also understand this fact clearly. As I said, both men and women are counterparts of each other. So, a little support from a father, brother, boyfriend, husband, and male colleague increases the level of confidence in women. 

They study beyond their basic education and achieve their dreams and goals with no fear and shame. This must be the actual reason why men need women in their lives. When you educate a boy, you educate a family. But, when you educate a girl, you always educate the next generation.

Women are always patient, emotionally stronger than a man. Yes, it has been stereotyped that women only cries. But, the truth they cry only to vent out their pain, but they never break down. They emotionally challenged themselves and rise again to face any damn challenges in the future. 

But in an average man cannot handle emotional breakdown because here comes their male ego. They cannot resist the negativity around them. They try to think and live positively all the time to show that “men are strong.” 

Well, in that case, society also stereotypes how a man should behave in this world. In this sense, it is even painful not only for a man but for a woman who observes the wrath of a man under societal pressure. 

They are always searching for solace in a woman because they think they cannot control themselves. Hence, they need a woman in their life. That is the actual reason why men need women in their lives. 

But you do not have to be dependent on a woman to get emotional strength. Both men and women have their individuality and characteristics. However, we cannot change the basic characteristics of both men and women. So, it is better to accept the new changes and allow them to complement each other rather than being demanding on the fact that’s why men need women in their lives.

Here Are The Reasons Why Men Need Women In Their Lives

1. They Are Inspiring

Women are always inspiring. It is only that we do not notice that inspiring they are. They can inspire you to go on with life every day. They have such a strong determination that makes them inspiring to other women and even to men.

2.  Patience is Their Key

Patience is the key to every difficulty. A woman knows better than anyone else. However, we say that women are impatient in their activity, while in reality, it’s the other way around. 

3. Powerhouse of Emotions

Men always pinpoint a woman and say that they are too emotional to handle. But, if you check another way round, you can understand that women give value to emotions. They feel the same way you feel. They need only your expression and no words to understand that you are going through a rough time. 

4. They are Intellectual

A woman’s intellect is far more advanced than a man’s. For ages, men have suppressed the intellectual of a woman because of their male ego. When an intellect of a woman surpasses a man’s intellect, it always hurts a man’s ego. 

But time is changing, and so are men. Now, a woman’s intellect is what you need to embrace a woman in your life. With her level of intellect, you can achieve many things in life.

5. Far Sightedness

Indeed, a woman is always far-sighted. She can see things or feel things that are worth it. The same situation that a man sees is different from a woman’s perspective. So, this is yet another reason why men need women in their lives.

6. Sixth Sense

We all have active five senses. But women are blessed with a 6th sense. Yes, it is somewhat true if not wrong. So men, if you have a doubt about something, then a woman in your life can bring a change with her sixth sense.

7. Motherly Instinct

Now, this is a natural thing that a woman is born with. She is blessed with carrying a baby in her womb. Not all women have to become mothers to have a motherly instinct. It comes to them naturally. So, if you feel low, stressed, and want some care and love, then a woman in your life, whether it is a mother, wife, or even a daughter, can make you feel better. Isn’t it enough to know why men need women in their lives?

8. Organized and Homely 

Now, this point has nothing to do with stereotypes. On average, you will find that a house becomes home when a woman enters into a man’s life. Men are too lazy to make anyone feel organized or homely. This is another fact that why men need women in their lives.

9. A Free Bird

I will not be wrong in saying women are also being caged in the name of family, children, and responsibilities. Somehow their wings are cut off due to all these factors. But, if you want to know why men need women in their lives, then you should let them be free birds. 

Age is just a number, and any woman can shine and rise at any age. A free bird-like woman never forgets her family values and responsibilities. But they always motivate others and take others along with them to fly high.

10. They Are Beautiful

Beauty does not speak through looks. Beauty comes through the inner self. A woman is always beautiful inside out. She is just like a flower. The more you nourish, the more it will bloom. But the moment you try to destroy it, it loses its inner beauty. It is up to you men what your humanity asks for.

Having a woman in a man’s life brings generosity. It not about sexual intimacy, but it is about mental intimacy that every man should embrace. A woman has the power to either make or break your life. It depends upon you what you want to have in your life.

Uplift The Inner Confidence In Women

Both men and women are the sides of a single coin. No one is complete without one another. So, rather than pulling a woman down in your life. Try to uplift a woman’s life. You will surely see the change in your life. It is always better to have a woman beside you. They are your counterpart, and when two different ideologies meet, it explodes something good. 

Do not fear the success of a woman. They never abandon you because of their success. Rather, they want motivation, inspiration from the men in their life. A little appreciation is always good than being bad mouth to a woman’s character.

Women have the courage, power, and determination to fight against all odds in her life. Feminism is just a part of a woman’s involvement and needs to be equal in every aspect of life. They do not want to compete, but they want what they truly deserve. 

Time has changed. Men should understand this harsh reality. Suppose you want the next generation to be in a better place for both men and women. Then start the change from you. When you start a change in your thought, your son, colleague, and father will see the change in you.

It’s all about practice. I know it is hard to be done than said. But, somebody needs to make the first move. All women by birth, all women trapped in men’s body need a little confidence to start afresh. That is the real reason for men to have women in their lives.

They are no more a homemaker or breaker. They are the pillars of modern society. The change should be within you to reflect in the entire society. You should never forget your source of being in this world. It’s a woman who gives you birth, bears all the pain of delivery, changes the body and mind for you.


So, you should understand these points that why men need women in their lives. Whether you belong to generation X, Y, or Z., respect a woman’s individuality and accept her in your life in the way she is. Neither do you change yourself, or you try to change a woman’s personality. When this is clear, one day, you will realize that this world is always a better place for humanity, kindness, and beauty all around. 

In the end, there are various ways to bring change in society to make a woman’s life safe. They need not be selfish to grow themselves. But, they need some genuine men to understand what they dream for. Men, by now, you should realize that your little kind move can change not only a woman’s life but your life too. 




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