Why Is Pokemon Go So Addicting?

Why Is Pokemon Go So Addicting? 1

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It is often believed that a human being has entire control over his outdoor activities and movements. But Pokemon Go game has proved it wrong. Here, an Android game has totally controlled the teenagers of today. Wherever we go, whether a garden, or a public place, historical places, tours, home or school, colleges or anywhere else, we observe people holding their cell phones keenly and having total attention over it. When we question them all, we hear “I’m busy. I have to catch many Pokemon. I’ll talk to you later”, or, “I’m going outside to catch Pokemon.” Such has been the state of most of the Pokemon Go lovers.

Pokemon is an extremely addicting game. It has already substituted internet and television today. Pokemon Go is a very popular newly introduced game developed for Android and iOS devices. It is a reality game in which a person has to catch Pokemon from the location that person is. In this game, the user creates an avatar after registering and later a map is displayed in which Pokemon are highlighted at every location. The map is similar to the real world map. Hence, the location in the map is real, although the Pokemon are virtual.

As soon as the player detects the pokemon in front of him, he has to throw the pokeball on the screen above that pokemon. The pokemon is only captured if the player’s throw is successful. The player has to catch a total of 151 pokemons to complete this game successfully. The android user can catch pokemons from any location, even inside his own residence.

The influence of this newly launched game is spreading day by day at a rapid pace. It has already become an addiction. Teenagers of today, prefer to catch pokemons rather than studying, playing outdoor games or even watching television. It’s influence is not only limited to teenagers, but also the adults. Nowadays, even men are found roaming here and there catching pokemons. If this addiction continues with the same pace then after two or three years, this game will engage the users so much that they will restrict themselves from using the internet too.


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