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Why Poppers are Banned?

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Overview of Poppers

Poppers is a slang term used for amyl nitrites. Poppers are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs that are used by inhalation. All it takes is to breath it in and wait for the “feeling”. Effects are really powerful but short-lasting. Poppers experienced its heyday in the mid-20th century when it was popularized by the gay community because it relaxes the anal muscle. Today in 2020, the story is different.

Poppers are well known around the world and are not related to sexual orientation or gender. They are used as a sex enhancer and for parties. However, before such use, in the middle of the 19th century when they were discovered, they had a completely different purpose.

Why Poppers are Banned? 1

What They Are

In the mid-nineteenth century, amyl nitrites were used as therapy for angina and cure for cyanide poisoning. Since it relaxes body muscles it can also be used for this purpose in the medical segment. It is extremely effective in these areas because it affects the cardiovascular system.

Although it is a medicine, the doctors are constantly warning that excessive use without any specific reasons can be very harmful. Poppers expand blood vessels and lead to the appearance of yellow leisures on the skin around the places we use for consumption like nose, mouth, and lips. Also, occasional tachyarrhythmias can occur as well as headaches without any specific reason.

Where They Are Purchased From

You can find poppers almost everywhere. You can find it online in many countries of the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK). Sex shops, besides online purchasing, also offer poppers. An interesting fact is that you can find poppers in cloth shops, music store, joke shops because many other products contain an alkyl nitrite as a major ingredient like video head cleaners, boot clears, nail polish remover, etc …

Why These Are Seen Within a Negative Light and Categorised with Illegal Drugs

Many drugs are circulating in today’s society, yet poppers is somehow a mystery to most people. Even poppers are less harmful than any other drug they are presented in a negative light because of misconceptions that they are dangerous. France is the best illustrative example of this. Firstly poppers were banned, but not long after, the government withdrew this law because the limited and reasonable use of poppers is not the same as being exaggerated, so there are no major consequences if applied properly.

Some Countries Have Banned Poppers

Poppers are on the verge of legal sale. So far many countries have banned popper production and sale like Canada did, while other countries are considering to do the same. Poppers are banned in some of the countries just like ketamine, amphetamine, and ecstasy is. The reason for this is because politicians in other countries see poppers as a drug used exclusively for sex orgies and entertainment.

As a psychoactive drug, countries like Canada, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland have banned poppers. In the UK a law banning poppers was introduced, but for technical reasons, it was dropped and therefore poppers UK sellers commonly exist.

Let’s be honest, and to put aside prejudice, we all from time to time want to have crazy and wild sex in our lives, and with occasional and conscious use for enhancement of sexual desire and performance, we will not ruin our health – meanwhile, we will experience the best sex ever!

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