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Why You Need to Switch To Tampons Today!

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Formality claims a definition at the beginning: A tampon is a mass of absorbent material inserted into the vagina during menstruation to absorb the menstrual flow.

And this is how they look:

6409343Basically, a tampon is just one of the few options we have to absorb our menstrual fluid. You may not already know about it because either you do not watch non-Indian entertainments or you thought old folded clothes have evolved to sanitary napkins and that was it or because we live in India, we do not talk about it and hardly know anything about menstrual hygiene. Anyway, I will bring it up to you – some reasons why you may also consider trying on tampons:

Does not cost your virginity:

virgin(ignoring the homophobic definition of virginity in the pic)

In case you know a little about it, you must know that these tiny things are inserted inside your vagina. Hence, there is a common confusion about your virginity status thereafter. Virginity may have a variety of definitions depending on your sexual orientation but it has definitely got to do with SEX; not the way you manage your MENSTRUAL FLUID. You CANNOT lose your virginity to a tampon while using it for menstrual hygiene.

Does not pain – it’s all in the mind:

painI have seen people clenching at the idea of a tampon because they think that it pains. See, even if you have never put anything up inside your vagina, you most probably will do it sooner or later. The muscles in your vagina are good at contraction and relaxation. Also the menstrual blood will make the entrance slippery and facilitate the insertion process. Don’t worry; this pain is mostly in your mind. I’ll try to make it easier for you: Do you want to have kids? Then hold a tampon and thing about the head of the smallest baby you have seen…Better??

Hassle-free trip to washroom:

peeingO M G!! Once you are done dealing with your fear and anxiety, put a tampon on and you will NOT postpone peeing even for a 10 minutes ever!! It’s like you go-pee-pull the flush-come back. You can see and feel the higher cost of a tampon pay off every time you do not have to try to sync a pee and a loo. Also, since the object is smaller, disposal is also easier. Oh, that reminds me of another common fear – it is very unusual that a tampon gets lost inside a vagina – so just chill!!

Less stains and cleaner underwear:

happy-girl-in-white-dressTampons give you a greater freedom to put on your desired outfit even during that horrible period of the month. At the beginning you may stain your panty due to leakage but with time, you get an idea of how long to keep and when to change.

Serves better during sports:

swimThere is no fear of a tampon to get dislocated; there is no extra burden; they serve for longer periods; they facilitate easier locomotion. For a sportsperson, a tampon is definitely a better alternative than a sanitary napkin. There are specialized tampons available for in-water activities also.

No prolonged leakage:

lastSome women have prolonged leakage. It happens because the menstrual fluid takes more time to come out of vagina when there is lesser pressure during the end. As a result, some women have leakages for a few days even after she stops menstruating. Tampons can solve this problem – since tampons absorb the fluid directly from the opening at the cervix, the fluid does not get accumulated in the vagina and hence, no prolonged leakage!!

So be a little less lazy and buy some tampons – be a little braver and put it on. I believe you will have a happiER period!!


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