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Why You Require a Slim Wallet and The Right One to Go For?

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For a long time, people have been sitting on huge wallets. If you are one of them, you possibly know the embarrassment associated with sitting on them or holding one in front of people. It is time to start using a Kinzd Slim wallet. The wallets are thin, small and lightweight unlike most of the traditional wallets. Even more, they can hold several credit cards, banknotes and ID cards. They also feature a simple style and come in plain basic colour designs. Here are the key reasons why you require one. 

– They are good for your back 

The size of your wallet matters. A big fat wallet in your pocket will be a source of problems for your back. Most men stow a lot of stuff in them, but sitting on a pile of bills, cards and coins will put a lot of stress on the lower back and hip joints. The main problem starts after the sciatic nerve, behind the right hip joint gets pinched in between the hip and wallet. That alone will cause adverse pain, which radiates from the hip down to your leg.
Moreover, by placing a stuffed wallet in your back pocket you will end up tilting your pelvis therefore putting more stress on the spine. A huge wallet might prevent you from sitting upright and make you get used to rounding the lower back. The bigger your wallet, the more you are likely to develop the issues. 

To reduce the chances of developing such issues, you will have to go for one of the slim wallets and carry only what you need. Leave the documents you do not need at home, in your office or your vehicle. 

– They are convenient 

Picture this: you are in a crowded line or in a small group of people. Everything is proceeding well and you feel that your discussion will result in something good. Fortunately or unfortunately, someone asks you for the business card. You stand up, reach into the back pocket and you draw out the huge nylon lump, and duct tape full of tattered receipts, dollar bills, business cards and your credit cards. 

You start fumbling through the wound ball of many unimportant items that you carry “just in case”. After five minutes of searching, you hand over the business card. The card is bent and marked up – but it is still a business card. That will never be a good impression. If you have carried the wallet with you for several decades, it is the time to replace it with a slim wallet. With a slim wallet, you will access the card you need faster and save on time. A slim wallet allows you to carry the essentials alone. 

– They are safer 

A slim wallet is so thin that you can fit it in your breast pocket or front pocket easily. Most experts advise us not to carry our wallets in the back pocket due to the back problems they cause and the risk for the pickpocketing they pose. In fact, pickpockets and opportunists are always after men who place their wallets in the back pocket because stealing from them is easier. To reduce the chances of losing your slim wallet, you just need to place it in the front pocket. 

Our favourite slim wallets 

We have tried several minimalist wallets in the market within the last few years. The market offers a wide range of options, and it can therefore be hard to select the right one. Here are three of our top recommendations. 

– Dopp Regatta 88 Series 

This is the best slim wallet for its class. It comes with three card slots, a space to hold your photo ID, a middle section to hold your money and an additional slot for the other documents like the health insurance card. However, if you need a slim wallet with high-quality construction, it is not a good choice. It goes for $20. 

– Liner Vertical Wallet 

Linjer has been producing quality leather products for a long time. Their vertical wallet is ideal for individuals who need the convenience of a slim wallet without having to sacrifice on the storage space of bifolds. The vertical bifold will perfectly fit in your front pocket or the shirt pocket. The manufacturer has made it to last and for the people on a tight budget. Apart from the premium leather material, it comes in several colours such as navy blue. 

– Jay Butler Card Case 

If you need a classier slim wallet, the Jay Butler Card Case should be your first choice. Even though it is stiff during the first days of use, it will break nicely with time and last for many years. The deep burgundy colour, of this wallet made out of genuine crocodile colour is a better alternative to the standardized dark brown colour. However, to get the wallet, you will need more money. 


Regardless of the Kinzd Slim Wallet you select, you will enjoy the benefits. The wallets are good for your back and the hip. They are also easier to use and will help you remain organized. 

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