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Why you should Migrate from Microsoft Access immediately

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As technology proceeds to move ahead, a lot of big organizations profit from the element of data available in any place and collaboration remotely from any device. Businesses that develop with it obtain an aggressive advantage in their areas. Also, cloud-based software is faster to deploy and more affordable to manage.

Obviously, you can give up on web apps collectively and stay with the on-premises apps or the desktop apps available by your corporate system. But most of the companies are moving in a different direction, shifting from on-premises and desktop applications to cloud-based applications and tools, making the past a thing of history. If web apps are essential to your company, you will require migration to a more reliable and secure cloud-based platform, and now is the time to do so.

Transferring your web apps is an investment of resources and time despite where you will migrate to. You might consider taking this chance to choose the platform that is best accommodated for your company.

5 reasons PowerApps is too Restricted for a lot of Users

Even though PowerApps might appear to be the next best thing for Microsoft Access Online users who require another cloud-based alternative, it has a lack of functionality as you are more used to with Access:

  1. PowerApps is quite challenging for non-technical business users to experience and build apps on.
  2. You will need to create different desktop and mobile experiences from the start. The mobile experience will display a narrow size of the screen and large areas of the screen unusable on the desktop. Different cloud platforms allow you to create your app only once, which automatically optimizes the user experience on mobile devices and desktops.
  3. You need to use several separate tools like Excel, SharePoint, Outlook, and its database Common Data Service to create an end-to-end application. Other cloud-based platforms allow effortless creation in one place.
  4. A few of these tools are only available at an extra charge. You also get the support of a Hosted Virtual Desktop to increase efficiency.
  5. PowerApps does not allow company users to configure a well-protected permission model, which is an essential collaboration ability.

Migrating from Access to PowerApps is not simpler than moving to other platforms like SharePoint Online Migration or any other app. You will still need to estimate your data and workflows, as well as recreate forms, flows, and reports from the start and in different tools.

Microsoft Access migration is a challenge for clients, but it is also a chance to get into the potential of modern technology to unlock the door to faster and much easier app creation, mobile access, the capacity to increase essential functionality, and combination with a line of market data.

Migrating to Power Apps is just the start of a better way to run the business. Instantly build apps to maintain your processes and data from anywhere you are and collaborate as per your necessity.

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