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Will Manchester City Top English Football Again?

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This season, Manchester City has an extremely difficult and really important task the club needs to defend the title of the Premier League champion. In the face of serious competition, this will be extremely difficult, but the squad of Josep Guardiola has everything it needs to repeat last years triumph.

Will Manchester City Top English Football Again? 1

This season, not only Manchester City has started the championship well. The main rivals of the Citizens in the first round of the English Premier League were Chelsea and Liverpool. That is why it became clear that this time the victory wont be as easy task as it was last time for Guardiola’s team.

After several rounds, when all three clubs were at the top of the rankings, the City managed to break into the lead. Now, they have no peers in England football league, but in order to really defend the title, they need to do their best in every single match.

Thanks to the live scorecard, you can always stay up to date with the events and be the first to learn about the latest changes on the scoreboard and in the standings.

Guardiola’s Team Chances of Defending Title

Despite serious competition, it is Manchester City that remains the main favorite of the current season. There are several prerequisites for the fact that it is the Citizens who will once again raise the coveted trophy above their heads:

  1. The strongest and most balanced lineup in the League. This summer, the City bought only Riyad Mahrez, however, it was enough to increase the competition in the middle line. The attacking line and the defense line of the Citizens have virtually no peers in the Premier League, so in the majority of games they look much stronger than their rivals.
  2. Long bench. The Citys lineup is not just great, its also numerous. For substitutions, Josep Guardiola usually has 4-5 players at once who can really enhance the game of the team. This allows the club to show tactical flexibility and win even if the game doesnt follow the coachs plan.
  3. The instability of opponents. Despite the fact that Liverpool and Chelsea have already managed to prove their strength in the current season, they sometimes lost their points due to extremely ambiguous reasons. This says in favor of the fact that these clubs are unlikely to look great in the long run.

Thus, the current season promises to be one of the most interesting over the past few years, and you can always follow its development on the website of sports statistics.

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